Some News Worthy Others EH!

2 Chainz The Atlanta rapper, formerly of the rap duo Playaz Circle, performed his first New York concert at S.O.B.’s on Monday night. ”

1. Wait….. did the New York Times actually send a reporter to SOB’s to cover the 2Chainz show????

Another big player at Sundance this year when it came to the African-American scene was the Blackhouse Foundation. The nonprofit organization, devoted to expanding opportunities for black filmmakers, made its presence known by taking over a restaurant on Main Street, renaming it the Blackhouse and hosting a series of events, panels and parties.

2. Red Tails was enjoyable…and seems like negros shine at Sundance

DETROIT (AP).- Documents outlining the crime that landed Malcolm X in prison in the 1940s are among some 1,000 recently unearthed items purchased jointly by the civil rights leader’s foundation and an independent collector of African-American artifacts.

3. I be seein’ them bidding on storage lockers shows…somebody made a come up offa Malcom Little history

~ by livefromheadqcourterz on February 1, 2012.

One Response to “Some News Worthy Others EH!”

  1. I liked this style; the little pops of information went over well with me.

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