Emcee Visuals : Denzil Porter – Kanye West

Ok… so like last night Renada Romain and Datwon Thomas  interviewed Common on HipHopNation about his latest release The Dreamer/The Believer…I was up there because Preem was the DJ for the interview as well as the resident story teller…damn my dude got mad stories….was a pretty interesting sit down…took some pictures and some video of the event as well…maybe I’ll post some of that after the weekend….we will see…BTW also saw my dude DJ Twilight Tone who I hadn’t seen in a couple years…good dude…..was good to see him again….. anyway….

I wandered over to Shade45 to say whats up to my dude Statik Selektah…and to get some liquid libations cause I was a bit thirst….so when I open up the studio door there is my dude Wais P and sitting right next to him is some kid I aint never seen before….Statik is talking to dude on air….im listening…..chatting it up with Wais and then this joint comes on….twinkling keys, bassy drums and a swing…then the bass comes in and this kid starts singing…damn…sounded kinda nice..so now I’m listening to the joint as opposed to the convo I was having with Wais….then the singing chorus starts… “Why You Gotta Be Such An Asshole!!!!!” sounding real catchy….I was hooked….love good hip hop….


~ by livefromheadqcourterz on January 13, 2012.

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