Speaking on the Health of Hip Hop…..

I have a confession to make: I’m fat, out of shape and I overindulge…but truth don’t care who tells it so I’m gonna speak on the health of hip-hop.

I’m not talking about the health of the genre….that’s alive and growing (Read Steve Stoutes’ “The Tanning of America”). I’m talking about the pioneers, the super stars and the fans. By my calculation, most of you are approaching 40, already 40, and in some cases well on your way to 50. You know who you are…at around 20 or so you got involved in hip hop in a variety of areas…some of you got rich and even if you didn’t get rich…you made enough so you and you family “ate” every day. Oh yeah…you ate alright…every damn thing that wasn’t nailed down. You drank too…often in excess. You traveled the world, went to all the award shows, were right there to see and be seen at the big parties and you said stuff…like “they sleep, we grind.” Sounds so slick…don’t you agree?….and it is slick…if you’re 20…..if you’re 40…not so much.

It’s very easy to get away with stuff like that when you’re in your 20’s . . . but it gets harder to pull off when you reach middle age. Never thought of yourself as middle age, right? …but here you are… and here’s the thing…if you keep on neglecting your health, you are not gonna go much further than middle age. Im not in a position to say exactly what caused Big Pun, Heavy D and Patrice O’Neal to leave us so soon, and I would never dare to do that; what I am doing is speaking from my heart to those of you who are still here. You simply cannot expect to live a long and productive life if you are still trying to keep up the same pace you had at 20. It can’t be done. You know Im telling the truth (how many of you on hearing the sad news said…”but he’s younger than me”). You might not admit it to anyone else…but you’ve already noticed that you still kicking…but not that high. You drink three hennys instead of seven. Yes, you’re still in the clubs, but after making sure everybody has seen you, you leave early cause you starting to notice that the next days grind is better on at least six hours of sleep instead of two. Stevie Wonder said “don’t fool yourself, but tell no one else, that it’s more than just an ordinary pain in your heart,” but you not feeling pain in your heart…it’s your knee! Yes I know.
Getting old is often thought of as something less than positive; nothing could be further from the truth. Let me share a story with you. I worked for a very wise doctor in a local hospital. An x-ray tech, after not seeing him in a while, said, “Wow Doc,.you getting old!” Without hesitation, he replied,I thought that was the general idea!” Go head…read that line again…it’s worth it and it gently guides you to my next point.

You pioneers of hip-hop, you superstars, you fans…you have children now right? Who’s gonna tell them the story of what you’ve done, if you’re not around to do it? Hip-Hop is a global affair and a very lucrative business but whose gonna save your children from being a whole new generation of Cold Crushes…having to learn the game from scratch? It certainly won’t be you…not if you not checking your weight…not exercising… not getting enough rest. What’s your blood pressure numbers, how’s your cholesterol levels, do you have a family history of diabetes?

Oh…and just so you know, Im not talking to the ladies of hip-hop; as a general rule women are much better at taking care of themselves than men. It’s also true that try as we might, we cant seem to get through to you men about the importance of good health. Even though you guys are the first to let us know about the little extra around the middle we might be carrying, you can’t hear us when we’re telling you about your own neglect.

Experience has taught me that sometimes it takes a stranger to get the necessary attention so on behalf of the women and children in your world, Im throwing in my two cents:

Im letting you know is no uncertain terms….finding excuses for maintaining a constant state of unhealthy is not appealing. If you think time flew between 20 and 40…wait until you experience the speed between 40 and 60. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH

The general economy in this country is not well but it’s not because hip-hop has not done its part to bolster it; we need you around to make sure everybody understands and respects that….we need you here to share your knowledge, your experience and your lessons with the next generation. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH.

Last but certainly not least, we love you very much and we want you around for a very long time.

See you at the gym
Miss Peaches


~ by livefromheadqcourterz on December 1, 2011.

10 Responses to “Speaking on the Health of Hip Hop…..”

  1. Thank you, Miss Peaches. May many lives be saved by your wise words.

  2. Wow. Great read that we need to really listen to! PLEASE SHARE THIS PEOPLE!

  3. As one oldhead OG born and raise in the birth place of Hip-Hop,the South Bronx, I would like to co-sign to the the sounds you are kicking in my ear. I grew up with some of the artist that started the game. I have seen them eat themselfs to death. Wome can make men do crazy things…make them go to the doctor. The First Lady has our young people doing the things they need to live. Old heads need to get with the program. The story must be told by the people who set it off. Bravo to you Miss Peaches for keeping things super real with the founding fathers of Hip-Hop. Every one needs a little “Mo taa va tionn!”

  4. Great Post! We men often comment about the “extra around the middle” because we are vain and shallow. Not saying that it’s right but hey, we want our women in tip top shape because our ego’s demand it.

  5. I would normally not take much notice of advice about health and the
    need to exercise the body and exercise restraint in our desire to satisfy
    reckless passions for food and alcohol.
    Your message got my attention because you listed yourself as one who
    has gone astray. Speaking with the voice of experience removes your words from preaching and takes them to the level of teaching. It would be
    ignorant to turn a deaf ear to education and your piece is educational.
    You reference history and use common sense to get your message across the generation gap.
    While not a follower of hip hop, I am a devoted fan of staying alive and after
    reading your article, I skipped the slice of sweet potatoe pie left over from
    November 24th — one small step, but the little things really do add up over time.
    I salute you for your concern for others, a concern that they may not have
    for themselves.
    Now — keep it real – follow your own advice; you can be a FOUR STAR GENERAL in the battle against premature death. This article gives us a
    pretty good plan of attack.

  6. Well, Premier should be the first one taking example, at least in the weight front. I turned 40 last october, and aside some knee pain, I’m perfectly healthy. The key is no smoking, no drinking (and if you do stick to low grad beverages, and small quantities), exercising and healthy eating habits. It is not that difficult. With all this and some luck you are on the right path to get to 80 in good health.

  7. Hopefully, the message will be heard loud & clear. Our generation fails to see that our health is paramount in passing on the good things about Hip Hop. You are right Miss Peaches, if we continue this path we are doomed. We have to stop thinking that getting older means getting bigger. We have to stop thinking that a “little around the middle” or “thicker thighs” is OK. It’s about balance…it’s about knowing your limits but working hard to have some indulgence. I’m going for my run now!

  8. Great post! My old ass and I say old in the coolest sense of the word, has a 10 month old son. So, I need to be in shape. I have no intention on letting any of my kids beat me in a game of 1 on 1. U prolly will see me @ the gym.

  9. What a great article Miss Peaches. I struggle everyday to get myself into better shape. For some reason I’m always looking for some type of motivation instead doing the things that will allow me to live a little longer. Your piece definitely moved me. Hopefully it won’t collect dust in my mind with all of the other things I’ve heard and read that I wanted to use as inspiration.

  10. Miss Peaches strikes again! I salute you for caring enough about our community to bring light to an issue that we don’t really like to talk about. The generations to come will definitely be thanking you later! 🙂

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