Does Justin Bieber know his Country’s History?

I saw an article posted by a friend on their faceboook page from titled– Justin Bieber Won’t Become A U.S. Citizen: ‘You’re Broke Because Of Medical Bills’, excerpted from an interview in rollingstonemagazine — in which Bieber states…” You guys are evil,” he says with a laugh. “Canada’s the best country in the world. We go to the doctor and we don’t need to worry about paying him, but here, your whole life, you’re broke because of medical bills.”  I thought it was cute…someone else commented “what wisdom for a 15 year old”….perspective is a I thought I would share some..uhhhmmm perspective …

A Past, Denied: The Invisible History of Slavery in Canada is a feature-length documentary by independent filmmaker Mike Barber. The film, which is currently in production, examines the legacy of slavery in Canada and how this historical narrative has been kept out of Canadian classrooms, textbooks and social consciousness.

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~ by livefromheadqcourterz on February 17, 2011.

2 Responses to “Does Justin Bieber know his Country’s History?”

  1. Not to defend Bieber, but the little homie was kicking that real talk about medical bills and all that. I don’t think he mentioned slavery at all. As a Canadian I’m aware of the slavery history in Canada, as are most Canadians. It’s not really as swept under the rug as you might think, at least among the Canadian people. We could sum it up my saying that when considering The South, The North and Canada during times of slavery (especially near its “end”), The North and Canada had much more in common with each other than with The South. Nuff said.

    • hopefully it isn’t interpreted that I was disparaging young bieber…as he believes “Canada’s the best country in the world.”… I believe America is ‘ONE’ of the best countries in the world..even with my knowledge of America’s history…I simply posed the question…thanks for checking the blog and please continue to contribute….

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