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Money. Power. Respect. All you need in life?

I don’t know. But that’s what the girl with the jacked up face and
fake tits said a while back. Her sentiment was echoed by the crew that
got it up the contractual ass by the guy who is preserving his sexy
(let’s go!) Maybe they know something I don’t. But let me tell you
what I am noticing as I talk to more and more of my friends (at
various stages of success)…and that is that my generation is fucked
up! I’ll say from 30 to early 40s (give or take a few). Seriously
though, we really are trying to get it together and find our place,
but these are terribly conflicted times.

Those of us born in the 70s came after all the revolutions that
mattered. Sadly, we never got to hear Malcolm deliver any speeches or
watch Che Guevara lay his guerrilla mac down. To some, those things
may seem irrelevant nowadays, but they gave those who came before us
the hope that anything was possible. They were people to look up to.
Instead, we got to witness the rise of the internet (in all its good
and evil glory), the microwave oven (the metaphor that keeps on
giving) and the beginning of the end (aka the gulf war). That’s right,
in our brave new world we have reality television and fancy cell
phones that are tracking our every move. And so…here we are…my
generation. Stuck somewhere between knowing, and not being able to
remember. Gender roles. Sexual identity. Money. Fame. What can I say?
At least it’s an equal opportunity cluster fuck.

For the ladies…A bunch of broads burned their bras and empowered
themselves. Other women fought for the right to vote and be treated as
equals. Well and good. Today women earn money like men do (if not
more), have authority and power like men do, and are “pimpin'” like
their male counterparts. And slowly but surely the role of a man in
their lives is becoming obsolete. Unless, of course, we’re talking
about the getting knocked up payday plan of action. And the story is
that there’s no good men left.

For the fellas…Role models changed. Fathers left. Streets started
calling. And it was about getting it…as fast and easily as possible.
Single mothers. Tired grandmothers. Patience was suddenly for chumps
and the only bottom line that matters now is the dotted line next to
the dollar sign. Quantity, not quality. Marriage is a prison sentence.
Responsibility and accountability are foreign concepts. And the story
is that there’s no good women left.

Having said that, I actually believe that there are plenty of both.
It’s just not nurtured or encouraged by the masses (see expression:
nice guys finish last). It’s more widely accepted to be hard or
detached. Yeah, we’re emotionally bulletproof. Except we’re not.
Therein lies the dichotomy of this generation. We have to reconcile
that our responsibility is in fact two-fold. We know better, so we
have to act better…our sustainability and our kids futures depend on
it. Because I’m telling you, between the hormone-filled milk and
drug-laced water, some of the kids running wild these days have no
conscience. But that’s a whole other story…

I propose that we take a step back and survey our lives from time to
time. What are we representing? What are we so afraid of? Say what you
want, but that ‘no pain no gain’ cliche is one of the truest. Let’s
encourage others and their dreams – not just our own. Treat our
relationships with our loved ones as though they were something
sacred. “Yo, I’m trying to get mines!” “I’m just doing me.” “I don’t
have time for all that.” “Can’t be bothered.” Word? Dead that shit,
son. Reciprocity. Look that shit up some time. Ladies, have some
self-respect and don’t be scared to be a woman. Fellas, have some
self-respect…love and be loved. Fear is a poison.

It’ll never be a rap record, but fuck it…

Hard work. Compassion. Self-respect. All you need in life.

by : third rail


~ by livefromheadqcourterz on January 26, 2011.

7 Responses to “Reflections External”

  1. Wow! I love this piece. The role of a man in a woman’s life will never be obsolete; it’s so sad that many (both men and women) believe that’s possible. The notion of true love and commitment will never be an antiquated concept; but too many of us (both men and women) think that intimacy means sex and vulnerability means being a punk.

  2. Awesome!
    If i wasnt a Gangstarr fan, i wouldnt never read that.
    Glad to read something from my preferred artist team.


  3. Thank you. Keep supporting and spread the word!

  4. Money, power, respect…that was then…and it sounded slick so we ran with it…but with passing time comes maturity and lo and behold…we have discovered that, hard work, compassion and self respect was the real answer all the time…always has been…and for those of us who are slower than others to shake the slick off…there is third rail…passing it on. Nice!

  5. I hear you, Marie…and yeah, it was slick, right? Lol. But yeah, it’s all about trying to shed those layers that are no longer necessary. Hopefully sooner than later! Thanks for the feedback!

  6. Truer words were never spoken. Much respect to you third rail for voicing what people should know, but are too scared to admit.

  7. What up shamz? Glad you enjoyed the piece and thanks for the support!

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