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The end of December. Christmas is over (if you are biblically
inclined). Much food has been consumed (if you are fortunate enough).
And we prepare to say goodbye to one year, as we celebrate the arrival
of a new one.

And now that I got the poetic shit out the way, let me keep it real
with you for a moment…

I’m not a big fan of the unavoidable plethora of year end
lists/tributes/etc. that we are inundated with every December. It’s a
lot of noise. Those who care, paid attention the first time around.
But hey, whatever helps you transition from one year to the next…
Which brings me to the other thing I try to avoid at all costs: new
year resolutions. How many of us actually keep them? I don’t need a
calendar to tell me that there are things I need to improve (and
seriously, I can do without the extra pressure. You feel me?) And
that’s pretty much that. With that said, I will go ahead and say happy
end of 2010!! Because I, for one, am thrilled that this year is almost
over. For me, and many of my comrades, this year seemed to have been a
particularly energy consuming one. Lots of work — much of it
foundation laying. I’m not complaining, but I’ll definitely be happy
to see some of the seeds I planted grow in 2011.

And so, rather than a retrospective of 2010, I’ll do a little shout
out (S.O.) and wishful foreshadowing (W.F.) of 2011…

Less Is More (W.F.):
Let’s try to keep things classy this year. I’d like to see more talent
and less ass. Being hot is not a skill. Neither is getting butt
implants. Everything has its place, ladies, but do try to stand for
something other than vanity.

Art (S.O.):
Big up to Kanye (annoying? definitely! talented? you bet!) for always
trying to flip the script, Jay Electro for bringing great lyricism and
being persistent in his quest to make it (we’re watching…let’s go!),
and Janelle Monae for keeping it funky fresh

what do you know? It is possible!) A
special shout out to DJ Khalil (aka the future), Mr. Porter for being
a true artist (get ’em homie), and Preem for continuing to show them
how it’s done…one of the greats (all year round!) Just a few great
artists making a difference. Salute! 

Mind Over Matter (W.F.):
Some amazing people passed away this year. In the hip-hop community we
were particularly affected by the passing of GURU. Personally, what
I’d like to take away from that is the reminder to take better care of
ourselves — while at the same time, keeping an eye on our loved ones.
There’s no accounting for this life, but between arrival and departure
let’s take care of the body, heart and spirit…be as mindful about
who you surround yourself by as you are about what you consume.

Books Are Your Friends (S.O.):
A wise old man once told me that. Can’t argue with him. In addition to
books, I’d like to thank those who have lent their support and made
this year better with their presence. Biggest Gord, Datwon, the homie
Carl Jones, LeSean Thomas (aka animator extraordinaire), my sissy,
Lila, Salima and Junior. There are more, but I won’t bore you to
death. This isn’t the Academy Awards.

Tricks Are For Kids (W.F.):
Lots of the usual political fuckery went down, as it will continue to
for the rest of our lives and our kids lives. But I was particularly
inspired by the efforts of our younglings around the world.
Protests…Demonstrations…Activism. The kids are alright because
they still give a fuck. Here’s hoping the American youth will follow

And last but not least, shout out to WikiLeaks. No, I don’t give a
fuck what that Australian dude does in his personal life. No, I don’t
believe it’s posing a threat to national security, outside of possibly
exposing some bullshit. And no, I don’t necessarily believe that
everything on there is truth anyway (I’m saying…no one’s gone
“missing” yet, have they?) I just think that it’s good to have variety
up in this bitch. Yin and Yang.

Be safe y’all and have a most brilliant, blessed and inspired 2011! One love.

by : third rail
(image by elicser.

~ by livefromheadqcourterz on December 30, 2010.

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