DJ Premier and Diggy Simmons-{Shook Ones Freestyle}


***I wanted to post this the night they met but the powers that be requested I wait***

last night DJ Premier and Rev Run’s lil boy Diggy Simmons got together…now….with that revelation…wouldn’t you then wonder…hmmmm…. what would a DJ Premier produced Diggy joint sound like??? nah not yet…..anywayz……in a recording studio somewhere in NYC..(not headqcourterz studios…)…. they were filming scenes for a viral music video….seems like Diggy is getting it in….good to be talented and the spawn of hip hop royalty…..I like this young-un…..check the video…..


~ by livefromheadqcourterz on November 18, 2010.

One Response to “DJ Premier and Diggy Simmons-{Shook Ones Freestyle}”

  1. Premier’s losing his ear a little bit, or trying to stay too relevant.
    Come on, Diggy Simmons? COME ON

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