Interviews : DJ Premier Presents YEAR ROUND RECORDS “Get Used To Us”

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A couple weeks ago, over at Headqcourterz Studios, DJ Premier sat down and shared his thoughts on many subjects while doing press to support the release of DJ Premier Presents Year Round Records – Get Used To Us. In this particular interview he sits down with HipHopGame.  check the link read…..

“I’m very selective based on what I know an artist could bring to me. I know by myself I can do it all. I can MC, I can DJ, I can run a label, I can score films, I can do anything because I’m a DJ first, always first. I’m a producer second. I only became an artist because people took interest in me like Guru who wanted me to be a part of a group. I was already a part of a group but that was not my dream. My dream was just to be able to produce artists and give them hot music that would make them banging and make something that people would want to play. That’s all I wanted to do.”…..DJ PREMIER

check out : vignette 1, vignette 2, vignette 3 if you need to catch up….

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