Reflections External

This is an open letter to all up-and-coming and established artists
(as well as ones who like to write open letters).

From: third rail
To: all of you
Sent: Wednesday October 20, 2010

Dear Artist(s),

It has come to my attention that recently y’all are acting brand new.
What’s up with that? It’s 2010, and anyone that doesn’t realize that
this is a business, really shouldn’t be in it. Seriously, I thought we
all knew what time it was. How many more open letters do I have to
read, complaining about different piles of the same shit? Blah Blah I
got screwed on my contract…Blah Blah I got screwed on my
advance…Blah Blah where my royalties at…Blah Blah a bunch of
idiots run this label…Blah fucking Blah. Okay, no one is debating
the idiocy of some of these label people, but record executives are
just that – executives. They’re not artists. They don’t think like
artists. They don’t care about the craft like artists. They care about
selling records and making money. Which is precisely why there’s so
much garbage out there. They look at projections, bottom lines and
trends. If you’re lucky, that trend is good music — but usually
that’s not the case.

Yeah, some of these industry/label types act like they’re the stars
and wish they were famous. True. In fact, I know of a few managers
that are even bigger divas than the rappers they manage. Most people
in the industry are in it for the fame, glory and payday. It’s
unfortunate, but that’s how is goes. Again, nothing new there.

You want control over your music? Either get yourself a good-ass
lawyer straight out the gate, or put that shit out yourself. No? You’d
rather go with an established label…cool. But then be prepared to
dance with the devil. Release dates get pushed, albums get shelved,
money gets wrongly spent. If you’ve been in “the game” for any period
of time, then you should be prepared for the bullshit. You talk about
being done wrong… how about artists who turn around and blame the
label for their fucked up career decisions, when they were as much to
blame for the bullshit they were selling their fans. I’m not taking
sides here, because I actually understand that this is a two-way
street. Which brings me to my final point…

I’m REALLY not trying to hear some of you talk about integrity. “I do
this for my fans, and my fans ride for me”….get the fuck out here
with that. Some artists do care. They take time with their craft.
They’re consistent with their art. The works speaks for itself — and
it speaks the truth. But some of you… You embarrass yourselves when
you talk like that, because most of your fans remember (not too long
ago) when you sold yourself to the very people you write these open
letters to. There’s something to be said for taking responsibility.

As for artists just starting out…here are some things to consider
from the very beginning:
1.Put down the fucking blunt. It clouds your judgement and people WILL
take advantage of your dumb ass when you’re high all day and all
2. Get yourself a real/professional manager — not your homie from
around the way.
3. Have a (good) lawyer look at everything before you sign it. You
don’t want to be the next dude to get Diddy’ed.
4. Have a plan B. Rainy days can’t be avoided.Reflections External

by : thrid rail


~ by livefromheadqcourterz on October 20, 2010.

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