RHYMEREEL(WEEK2) : Hosted By Nick Javas….

Year Round Records release schedule over the next 6 months will begin in December 2010….

“Beats That Collected Dust II”, the DJ Premier Instrumental series……

“Hustla’s Union (Local NYGz)”, the new NYGz album…..

“ALREADY!”, the first album for Khaleel……

“Destination Unknown”Β  the first album for NIck Javas

“Get Used To Us”, the compilation album featuring/NYGz, Nick Javas, Khaleel, Blaq Poet, KRSONE, Puba, MC Eiht, Maylay, Lady Of Rage, Royce, Bumpy Knucks, and Dynasty…..

In the mean time and between time ex-Rutgers University ball player Nick Javas has decided to release personal weekly rap-up pieces on the NFL.

Nick says : …“This is my first weekly NFL update. I call it “RhymeReel”, which should be self-explanatory once you check out the video.”

…”It’ll get better in the coming weeks.”


~ by fistofbowlfish on September 23, 2010.

5 Responses to “RHYMEREEL(WEEK2) : Hosted By Nick Javas….”

  1. I am done with Premier at the moment. Just fuck him. All promises, but no shit coming out. I think even his own artists are getting impatient with him. Let alone the fans. Teflon’s album could have been releases through Year Round, instead of Def Jam. Like Joell Ortiz did with his street album. But people can be asked to do that for “their” fans anymore. Fuck Premo, fuck YRR, fuck hip hop in general on my behalf. Almost all that was released the last 10 years cant compete with the older stuff anyway. It’s all about the benjamins and not the artform most of us fell in love with. Even the Marco Polo album was average in opinion, but way better then most commercial crap anyway. i like the Boom Bap from back in the days more, then current Boom Bap sound. Where are the Beatminerz, Beatnuts, Marley Marl etc. The good old days of fat beats and dope rhymes. Fuck the majors, fuck the fans and fuck the money!!!!!!!!

  2. the way i see it dj premier sees himself
    1. as a dj
    2. as a producer.

    so djing always comes first, dude tours like crazy, even when he was constantly droppin material in the late 90s.
    and at the moment it just seem like he’s putting most of his time into his performances and pushing the other things a bit. maybe a financial question…? maybe to keep his mind off of things (guru etc…)?

  3. well I can understand why so many people are filled with anger, cuz to be honest you had even actual dates for some singles, like the nygz single “evaso”, which was supposed to drop june 15th i think… and hearin’ on the livefromheadqcourtterz show that there are only 2 or 3 tracks left (which has been said like a year ago for the first time), and then readin’ the info that it will drop not until 5 months is kinda disappointing and frustrating, and I guess you can understand that fo sho… the video for opportunity knocks was supposed to be released in the same week as “not a game”, and there ain’t even a cdq version for this track. and furthermore whut about the nygz preview videos you’ve posted on vimeo and youtube, there is still only part 1 up, you even stated in the video that part 2 and 3 will be uploaded soon… anyways I’m not that kinda person that says “fuck preem and yrr” like others did, cuz I love ur music and I know it pays to be patient, but nevertheless it’s kinda disrespectful towards ur fans that, as already stated in the comments above, ARE willing to support you. I just hope that these are the last delays, because I’m just so desperate to hear ur music. peace and 1 love

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