Reflections External

Things have been pretty busy these days, and my right eye has started
twitching from the stress of it all (again). Yes, it’s a really good
look. Especially on those rare occasions where I have to interact with
other human beings. So I’ve decided to use this opportunity to lighten
the load a little and vent some. No one ever said the reflections have
to be so deep all the time. And certainly, there’s no shortage of
troubling and annoying things in this world. Perhaps my threshold for
stupidity is getting smaller. Or maybe my ass is just getting older
(zip it Gordon!) Either way, here are some random musings that I’ll
call “Reflections Light”…

Rap Magazines.
Yes, this could be an entire blog unto itself. But specifically it’s
about the close-mindedness of them. Honestly, in these digital times
we’re living in, these rap rags have to be way more clever and start
thinking outside the box. And my favorite part is when
Editor-in-Chiefs switch up — and now suddenly it’s about a “new”
style…Which is pretty much just a microscopic shift from the “old”
style. It’s tired and lacks any originality and life. You bore me with
your trite verbiage, sir! I just don’t think that the “formula” is
working anymore. Let’s open our horizon a bit, shall we?

I’m just wondering….Is there going to be another funeral for the
N-word? First off, I’d like for someone to strip Laura Schlessinger of
all her makeup, and confine her to a room with floor to ceiling
mirrors (has anyone looked at this woman’s face?) And no fancy
lighting (seriously. It’s frightening!) Enough said
( As for all
those little white kids that still think it’s cool to call each other
that, or what have you, maybe we can set up a meet-and-greet with John
Mayer. We can just get them all together and hope that they’ll figure
things out amongst each other. And he can explain to them how it
happened that he got his “ghetto pass” revoked. And hey, if anyone
gets thirsty, we can give them some water [see below].

Poop and Scoop.
If the economy is in such a shambles, why don’t I see street patrolmen
(or cops or whoever the fuck is in charge of ‘shit’) giving out
tickets to these hoity-toity bitches that don’t pick up after their
dogs? I’m no mathematician, but there’s a lot of money that could be
made off all this dog shit. And really, I’m not interested in having
to dodge dog shit all the damn time.

“Leaked” celebrity sex-tapes.
While I do enjoy viewing adult material from time to time, I’ve had
just about enough of this business of “Oh My God! How could this have
happened?!? My secret sex-tape was stolen and is now being sold and
I’m making money off of it and I’m basking in all the attention!!! I
feel so betrayed and violated!!!” Booooooring. These quasi D-list
‘celebrities’ need to cut that shit out already. Wake me up if an
Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt sex-tape ever makes it onto the internet. I
wouldn’t pay to watch that, but I’d definitely download it for free!

And just so you don’t think I’ve gone all soft on you, I’ll end things
on a refreshing note…

When I told one of my homies that male fish are turning into females,
he laughed at me and said I was sounding crazy. I probably should have
sent him this:
Never mind whether it’s safe or not to eat freshwater fish anymore,
let’s talk about the water we drink. Chicago, do you know what’s in
your water?,0,4303601.story.
I’m not a fear monger, but I do think understanding what’s happening
to our air and water goes a long way in explaining many of our
ailments. Not all (Laura’s face), but some (men with boobs?)…it’s
just a thought.

by: third rail


~ by livefromheadqcourterz on September 1, 2010.

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