Reflections External

As someone who strings words together for a living, I appreciate and
embrace various forms of communication. I believe in self expression.
I believe in reaching out far and wide. I believe the internet can be
your friend. I also have my hesitations. And yes, I will use a blog as
my forum to discuss my discontent with online dementia.

I started a twitter account not too long ago. And I quit my twitter
account not too long ago. I can’t say that I was ever intending on
staying in it for the long haul. Mostly I went in out of
curiosity…and that I was tired of hearing so many of my friends say
shit like, “Yo! You gotta get on this shit. It’s crazy! EVERYONE’S ON
HERE!” Right. I came. I read. I left. With the parting words of,
“Well, I don’t see Hugo Chavez on here!” and “Yeah, if H.G. Wells were
alive, I doubt he’d be on here!” Indeed. I guess I spoke too soon
because the homie Chavez is now on there…in full effect…verified
account and all…tweeting from his blackberry. I felt like I was in
the twilight zone when I saw that. But after all, perhaps the
revolution is supposed to be tweeted, not televised (shout out to last
week’s blog). I won’t knock the hustle of these various world leaders.
The name of the game is mass appeal. I’m not sure how many more times
Obama will be going on The View to shoot the shit with the ladies
about various hot button subjects such as Lindsay Lohan. But hey,
whatever helps you lead your land into the next century of oil spills,
poverty and exciting new strains of the flu virus. But I digress…

Twitter, much like reality television, is now giving a voice (of 140
characters) to more and more people. We can log on and see what our
favorite celebrities have to say. At any given moment we can read
about what product Kim with the big ass just happened to have
discovered that is So Amazing! And she can make bank while we read
this. Everyone has their own agenda. Some simply want to share their
thoughts, others want to keep track of people’s comings and
goings…and others just don’t know what the hell they’re doing. And
it all amounts to our internal dialogues and thoughts now permanently
finding their way online (don’t let that delete button fool you). Yes,
all of the foolishness, as well as the interesting, is pretty much at
everyone’s disposal. Now @dumbassrapper can beef with
@someotherstupidass right before your eyes RT #getalife. It’s changing
the way we process information and communicate. And, looking at
certain people’s pages….I’ve lost a lot of respect for some people.
I liked you better when I wasn’t privy to your every thought and

All of this tomfoolery aside — because every tool can be used for
good or evil — the important thing to keep in mind is that everything
we put on the internet is being recorded and tracked. There is no
greater form of market research than these networking sites (sorry
facebook, I didn’t mean to make you feel left out). And it goes
without saying that there is no such thing as privacy on the internet.
Lock your shit up as much as you want. The people who want to see, are
seeing. And monitoring. And bit by bit controlling how we think and
act. At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist (because it’s
not a conspiracy anymore, and they’re no longer just theories) I will
simply say that we should consider spending more time unplugged. A
healthy and well balanced diet should include news information and
entertainment. Be aware of what you put out there. And lastly, our
younglings should know the difference between site and sight. The
internet can be your friend, but books are your friends too.

by: third rail


~ by livefromheadqcourterz on August 11, 2010.

5 Responses to “Reflections External”

  1. Tell’em Third!!!

  2. Word!

  3. (sigh) Yeah… This is what the fuck I’m talking about:

  4. I’m not on facebook, twitter, foursquare, etc., etc. Yet people constantly bother me to get on join the latest social networking tool. To quote Ricky Waters “for what, for who?” I don’t need a buncha people from high school, college & ex-girlfriends contacting me. Nor do I need to read about people incessantly gossiping with nothing vaguely interesting to say. “I’m eating dinner at restaurant x. the food sucks.” Wow! that “tweet” really enhanced my life. But then again what do I know, I use my cell phone for phone calls and still buy music.

    • Hilarious Fizz! It’s nice to know that there’s one of you left in the world. I know one other person that still buys music and very few people that actually talk on their cell phones (not counting my mom). I hear you though…I don’t constantly need new ways to put me back in touch with people that I’m not trying to talk to anyway.

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