“Like every other generation, this one wants what’s best for their children…”

As I look around and take stock (yall remember me right…the retired woman who has nothing to do and all day to do it), I see that a whole generation of hip-hoppers are fast approaching (and in some cases, already  in the middle of) their 40’s. Gasp….yeah that’s right…even when it hasn’t been all fun…time flies! …and while this new crop of grown and sexy are as loyal as ever to their hip hop birthright, they are also smack dab in the middle of new challenges and responsibilities. The hip hop mind set has not changed…but it has expanded. People are scrambling to make ends meet and looking at ways to set things up nice for their offspring… enhancing skills, encouraging growth, guiding them to college…..stuff like that.

Like every other generation, this one wants what’s best for their children…so a law like the one passed recently (read the details after you read this*)stopping upstate communities from counting prisoners from New York City as their residents is worth a second look.
Now in my time…I probably would have stumbled over this information way too late to make it matter for me and mine. This, however, is a whole new day…you can get information like this just as quickly as you can get the color of the drawers Lindsay Lohan wore during her incarceration.

The only question that remains is how you gonna use it. Here’s a thought: My local community board is No. 8; it encompasses the areas between Flatbush and Rochester/Atlantic and Eastern Parkway. The board members are the ones who approve stuff like zoning issues… i.e. (who gets a chance to set up a liquor store in my area) and they also make recommendations in the city budget process (like who should get what money to do what with, and where) .

Do you know who handles business like that in your community?

How is that new law gonna enhance the quality of life for you and yours?

Everybody has a right to sit in on their local community board meetings and even if you don’t have time to do that, they will send you an email with updates.

All of this information can impact heavily on the difference between success and failure of your children.
Knowledge is power…and its only a click away.  Pass it on.

Um just saying…

by : miss peaches from bklyn…

source : http://www.miller-mccune.com/politics/new-york-takes-swing-at-prison-gerrymandering-20394/




~ by livefromheadqcourterz on August 5, 2010.

4 Responses to ““Like every other generation, this one wants what’s best for their children…””

  1. Thank you, Love it Miss Peaches! My district is 9, Kevin Powell is running for congressman, I’m gonna listen more to what he has to say!

  2. Hello Peaches ….

    I’m so loving this news! Now they’re counted in the communities they come back to so services aren’t strained when they come home 🙂

  3. Thank you Mrs. Bell and Mel; feels good to share…feels even better to know its’ appreciated.

  4. good info. thx. so you do have something to do in your retirement! patrol on!

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