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A couple of nights ago I had a dream that, being the astute journalist
that I am, I uncovered a story about how the Coca Cola company was
adding a poisonous ingredient to their sodas for certain cities —
systematically targeting the Mexican population in America. I was
talking to some scientists about how this was possible and there were
two teenage Mexican girls in the lobby of the lab, angry, crying,
yelling about how they were human too. I woke up very distressed, not
only because the dream itself was so realistic, but for the fact it
wouldn’t even surprise me if such a thing occurred in reality.

Perhaps this dream was provoked by all the fuckery going down in
Arizona. In 2010, I struggle to understand how such blatant
discrimination exists. I was sure that that kind of hatred and racism
was a little more sophisticated and covert these days. I guess not. I
suppose when the sword fails, then the mighty pen will have to do the
trick. I have family from Philly that moved to Arizona some years ago.
I went to visit them once. First and last visit. I’ll leave it at

The core issue here is a complex one. I’m trying to put the pieces
together in my head… On one side you have The United States of
America (doesn’t it just look so glorious written out in full like
that?). Now, let’s take away the history of the country for a second.
All of the evils that made it what it is today…take them out of the
equation. You’re left with this “land of opportunity”, where people
from all over the world come to make a better life. A first world
nation that is large in size, still has some power and for all intents
and purposes seems to be making a fiscal comeback. And if you come
from a third world nation, then you will see America as the great
oasis, and you’ll do everything in your power to make a life here.
(Everything. In Your Power… I’ll come back to that.)

That’s the easy part. On the other side, you have the circumstances
that force people to leave their homelands. That’s the part that I’m
thinking about more and more… We know about some of these
circumstances. Poverty. Famine. Dictatorship. Every kind of human
rights violation you can think of…the list is never-ending. And yet,
let us consider this: when everyone flees their country, the chances
for any change minimizes even more. History shows that it’s usually
the great minds that are the first to go. Artists, scientists,
doctors…the backbone of a society. Often it’s a silent struggle —
and those who suffer the most are the muted ones. And everyone wants
change, but who will fight for the rights that don’t exist? Yeah,
that’s right…I want a fucking revolution. And I want that shit
televised. I look at the protests that happened in Iran after that
“election”…I look at these red shirts in Thailand tirelessly
demonstrating… One can always argue that behind every movement or
revolution there is another force that wants to dominate. But that’s
the nature of the beast. At this point in time it’s about the lesser
of two evils. It’s just a tragedy that it’s the innocent people who
die for the cause…die for the hope that there can be a better way.
But every war has casualties.

This is why I love Cuba. This is why I fuck with Hugo Chavez and Evo
Morales. And no, I’m not a communist. I’m not suggesting that there
isn’t any corruption or trickery within the politics of the
aforementioned governments. But if it’s about the people, then let’s
keep it real: Venezuela has a lowered poverty rate, better health care
and greater education for its people, because of Chavez. Yeah, the
rich are getting their farms and land taken away from
them…boo-fucking-hoo. The lesser of two evils.

I don’t imagine that any kind of coup is easy – particularly in this
day and age. Times have changed. Back “then”, people were convinced
they could fight and change the system. Nowadays we have universal
mind control and GPS tracking systems coming out of our asses. Be that
as it may, I have to believe that somehow, somewhere, there might be a
group of brilliant young minds trying to figure out a way to make a
difference, for the greater good of their people. That the rebel heart
and soul still exists. And this is where doing “everything in your
power” comes in. I would never say that people shouldn’t go off in
search of a better life…we all want a good life, with nice things,
basic freedoms and rights. But if this isn’t the time for some kind of
upheaval then I don’t know when is. Fight or flight? The ultimate
question. I know this much… Some of the rage that our
disenfranchised feel should turn into outrage, and that outrage should
turn into solidarity…action…and revolt.

As the great Albert Camus said it best, “But from the moment that a
movement of rebellion begins, suffering is seen as a collective
experience – as the experience of everyone. Therefore the first step
for a mind overwhelmed by the strangeness of things is to realize that
this feeling of strangeness is shared with all men and that the entire
human race suffers from the division between itself and the rest of
the world. The unhappiness experienced by a single man becomes
collective unhappiness”.

by : third rail


~ by livefromheadqcourterz on August 4, 2010.

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