…the blr’s take… iPad and iPhone in the Spotlight…

Tha BLR’s Take…..

Can a Blackberry do this?  I’ll settle for just a pic or video of it.  Oh wait u can’t do that either???  Damn.  What does that thing do anyway?  Oh right u cant text people.  Oh ok, totally worth it then.  I mean texting people on a mini keyboard, wow that is revolutionary.  I really should get 1 of those things.  Maybe I should cut off my balls too.  I’d prob get more use out of my severed nuts displayed on the mantle then I would a whackberry….and Squeeze marches on…

Ty to all the real musicians for being different and innovative.
Will bands incorporate IPads or something else into their regular sets in the future?  Well seeing as Apple has no competition…U tell me.
Would artists rather travel with a full size keyboard plus effects boxes then just their laptop?  Does it really matter what artists want?  No it matters what the promoter can afford.  They will surely hire a band that travels with minimal gear as opposed to the usual over indulgance musicians seem to display when they travel on the road.  “Well I really need that grand piano for that 1 song we do because…”
Just ask the DeeJays if traveling with laptops as opposed to traveling with 4 crates has kept their income/livelihood afloat.  “But, but it’s part of the art-form to go digging in the crates when ur playing live…”  Yes but only slightly.  I could def teach a monkey to go and fetch a specific record I would want to put on the turntable next.  Now lets see a monkey double click on a file he would have to find by rREADING and scrolling on his specially made monkey laptop (Davy Jones patent pending of course).  That would take me centuries to teach…even to a dolphin with DJ flippers.
Remember, it doesn’t matter how u arrive there, it just matters if u r there.  Doesn’t matter how u get the sound, what matters IS THE SOUND.
Yes artists and wanna be artists, your ego filled self indulgent 10 minute drum solo days are coming to an end.  Damn I miss drum solo’s…when is RUSH touring???
by: S.L. Arch


~ by fistofbowlfish on July 22, 2010.

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