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“But we don’t love them hoes” ~ Snoop

Recently one of my homies was telling me about his (first time) encounter with a prostitute. I’m not talking about no street corner hooker here…I’m talking high-end whore…big bucks…classy…on some “how can I service you this evening, sir?” type shit…the kind that might even be smarter than you (you get the idea). In short, homie was a happy customer. Of course, this isn’t the first time one of my dudes has acquired services.

I remember some years ago I was having a conversation with a disgruntled friend about how difficult this one particular woman in his life was, and he remarked how “no wonder so-and-so have started paying for sex”. The crux of his argument was that it’s becoming too arduous to get it done the old fashioned way. You meet a girl, you talk to her for a bit, then you ask her out. She says yes, so you take her our for a fancy dinner to impress her. You pay for this fancy dinner, listen to her ramblings, acting interested and engaged, when really you just want to get to it already. If you’re lucky, she comes back to your place. But god-forbid you say ONE wrong thing, or do the slightest thing to put her off — it’s game over.

So now you’ve spent the money, wasted the time, and still no ass. And this is why so-and-so are relying more and more on ladies of the night…because you’re guaranteed to get the bang for your buck. It’s a tough situation, because one can argue both sides. My disgruntled friend had a point insofar as how hard it can be, and how some women can lead a man on or just play games. There’s a fine line between playing hard to get and being impossible to please. But on the other hand, taking a woman out to dinner and listening to her ramblings is a normal part of interacting with the opposite sex. In some circles I think it’s called ‘courting’, and it’s how you build the comfort level that eventually (hopefully) results in the intimacy. However, being the microwave generation, we want what we want, when we want it and just how we want it. And anything outside of those parameters inevitably becomes a problem.

I think somewhere along the line, we lost the ability to communicate, tolerate and empathize with the opposite sex. We want the object of our affection (or just desire) to be one-part mind reader, one-part robot. Man or woman, I think we’re all guilty of this to a certain degree. There’s a lot to be said for why prostitution exists, and the reason it’s called the oldest profession in history. And perhaps in many ways its definition, role and boundaries have broadened quite a bit these days.

Everyone has their opinion on the subject — mine is that prostitution should be legalized (or decriminalized…whatever, I’m no damn lawyer) like it is in Europe. And not because I think it’d be such a great statement of our society, but rather for the advantages that would come with regulating it – socioeconomic and health-wise… But beyond the politics of sex (industry), I’m just wondering what all this means for my generation. Yes, it’s great that we have so many options at our disposal, but the bad news is — we have so many options at our disposal. And really, how much of ourselves are we losing in the process of always trying to get what we want? Perhaps in skipping some steps, we’re missing important parts of the journey. And could it be that the more “equal” men and women become, the more distant we grow? I don’t know…but the more I listen and watch, the more it seems like something is lacking. Balance? Acceptance? Maybe a bit of both…or maybe a good start would be having fewer taboos.

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~ by livefromheadqcourterz on May 19, 2010.

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  1. You make a good point about the “convenience” of prostitution and yet when you look around on the weekends, you can see that men(and women) also enjoy the anticipation/chase/conquest drama. So in that regard I think we already have balance…I see acceptance as the next great frontier. Nice post.

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