premier speaks on his guru hospital visit

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“I was honored and humbled to be an invited guest to DJ Premier’s Live From Headqcourterz Hip Hop Nation radio show last Friday night. Not only did Preem pay musical homage to his partner, he more importantly, for the first time, revealed that he did visit Guru in his last days. The details are heartbreaking. Damn you, Solar.” – YN of

this past friday, we all learned something new and mr. elliot wilson of was there to catch it all on camera himself (shout out to the dude yn, who kicked it for the full two hours but slipped out during the 10 minutes of drunken lawyer fuckery, smh.)  prem had indeed visited guru along with black, fellow gang starr foundation member.  hearing the story live in the studio put me in an odd mood; a fusion of damn near at tears and pure rage. 

it appears that superduperproducer, ‘molar, ‘best friend’ and ‘p.i.c.’ of guru, was a little too busy with all the press updates, tweeting, and all that other nonsense to really take care of his ‘brother’.  the scene described by preem was tragic.  nails, inches long and dirty.  a man who was often referred to as ‘bald headed slick’ with a nappy and matted blow out.  gaunt.  and alone.  no healthcare.  in a charity hospital, that didn’t sound like the ‘best medical help possible’ that molar has been spewing about.  perhaps, earlier in the year, he was getting better treatment, but at the end… it didn’t sound good.  most importantly, he was all alone.  no ‘molar and his wife, no real family, no friends, no comrades in this thing we call music.  that’s not the way a legend should go.  that’s not the way a man should go.  i feel like a broken record these last few weeks… but fuck ‘molar.    where i’m from, if my brother is down like that… we don’t let him go like that.  real talk.

*note to mr. wilson: apologies i didn’t get to introduce myself, you were deep in the filming when i walked in, next time sir.  hopefully there won’t be any drunk ass, ignant ass lawyer types causing a ruckus.


~ by col.rice on April 26, 2010.

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