rest in peace, my dude.

not much i can say.  sad day.  burn one and bang gang starr all day, because it’s eternal.  head up.  eyes and ears open.  word is bond.  i hope you find peace, my dude.


~ by col.rice on April 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “rest in peace, my dude.”

  1. everything else aside, RIP guru. keep ya head up preem and the rest of the GS fam. one.

  2. Loved it, you can hear the love in the bruthas voice. I had to get up with my brutha and reminisce on GURU and GANGSTARR, listen to all the albums, all the singles, all the b-sides. I am a self professed GANGSTARR stan, I make my own best of Gangstarr mixtapes and pass them out to all that would listen, neices, nephews , strangers on the street. GANGSTARR is HIP HOP. RIP to my brutha GURIZZY…it was more than the voice.

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