Mr. Cee’s “Hot97 Throwback at Noon” Guru Tribute: A Tribute to Guru

today i woke to my phone buzzing crazy….preem had hit me with some news i knew would be coming….but damn if it didn’t knock the wind out of me…my dude/brother/homie/friend keith “GURU” elam had finally succumbed to his illness…….later in the day as i was riding around almost aimlessly just trying to come to grips with the finality of it all…. i switched on HOT97 and DJ MR. CEE was doing his “throwback at noon” show…..only today he did a tribute to GANG STARR in memory of GURU….by the time he got to “G A N G to the Starr son…haters took this shit to far son” lyrics from “full clip” i was looking at life thru a prism of memories and tears……thank you mr. cee … INCREDIBLE! …..if you wanna peep the dope tribute mix check to download and reminisce…..thank you Minya for posting…. and thanks to everyone calling texting twitting and posting condolences …..his physical may be gone, but never will he be forgotten.. GANG STARR FOREVER!…REST IN POWER KEITH


if ya wanna listen to some of what mr. cee had to say check this link….FWMJ Rappers I Know

update: thank you mr wilson….download link of mr cee’s tribute here


~ by fistofbowlfish on April 20, 2010.

One Response to “Mr. Cee’s “Hot97 Throwback at Noon” Guru Tribute: A Tribute to Guru”

  1. R.I.P Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal. Your legacy is untouchable. The memories of Gangstarr that we, the fans hold in our minds can never be erased, and the love that we have in our hearts for the music that you, Keith ‘Guru’ Elam and Chris ‘DJ Premier’ Martin blessed us with will last forever. Premier you have been carrying this Hip-Hop movement of ours on your shoulders for sometime, STAY STRONG BROTHER ’cause if not you then ‘Who’s gonna take the weight?’. Peace.

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