Guerilla Union Presents : Jay Electronica – Paid Dues 2010

click pic to watch vid

in 2007 or 2008 preem played a song called ‘renaissance man’ on the show….after i got my copy of the show i ran this particular song into the ground… had it been a cassette and not a cd I would have popped the damn thing, played that particular song so much……the song was off a mixtape called ‘what the hell is a jay electronica’ by a kid named, what else, jay electronica…. i had heard the name before but damn the voice the flow and the lyrics on this song stuck a chord in me….plus the n@gg@ had the nerve to drop neo on the phone talking to the matrix as an intro… with lines like….

“Magnolia crack solidier creepin’ on the come up my grandmother won’t leave the fuckin’ projects I gotta raise the slum up”

Magnolia as in Magnolia Projects in New Orleans????…Master P and Cash Money land got a lyricist spitting like this???? unsigned?????…like ‘whoa’

and my favorite line…

“And I don’t give a fuck what Bill Cosby said cause the problem gon’ exist when Bill Cosby dead And I don’t think the revelation from the supreme beings residing or hiding out in Bill Cosby’s head”

timing is everything that could have been his time, yet, this is his time….dude has me anticipating and its a good feeling….check the vid and keep ya ears open for his album… i doubt he will disappoint…


~ by livefromheadqcourterz on April 16, 2010.

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