video games getting too real?

knowing i’m a pretty big game nerd (yes, i am indeed korean), biggest gord fwds me this today.  now, again, i’m a big game nerd, i love sitting on the couch, i love getting high and maddening it up, shoot i’ll even fuck with rock band if i’m the right kind of drunk.  but this new innovation really makes me think… at what point do i really pick up a guitar and just play it?

it’s like tony hawk’s last ditch attempt to breathe any sort of life into his dying game franchise with a fake skateboard peripheral device.  i mean, i used to be a tad bit extreme, but two shattered wrists later, that part of my life was retired, along with my jnco jeans.  after that, tony hawk was about the only way you could ‘virtually’ skate and it was a bit kitchy to say the least.  grinding up onto rooves and powerlines, it wasn’t what gaming folks would refer to as a sports sim by any means.  then, years later, some studio named ea dropped their title, skate (demo for skate 3 drops today, nerds).  innovative controls, no more pressing a button to grind a rail, a true simulation of the actual sport… and my ass got hooked.  closest thing you could get to skating, without actually skating.  and then… tony hawk released his fake board.  now for someone like me, who has metal in his body from being ‘extreme’, this is too much of a risk for very little reward.  would much rather bust my ass trying to actually tailslide a bench, rather than slipping of a piece of plastic made in china that’s supposed to simulate me doing the same thing.  then again, parents of obese children everywhere were probably excited that, maybe if they bought big timmy this little toy for christmas, homey might burn some calories.  doubt it.

now this guitar thing drops.  maybe if they have some sort of a way to teach kids to play guitar on it, i could see it being useful, but seriously… at what point do you just go out and get some damn guitar lessons from dan smith?  only people i see liking this, are all the guitar players who hate guitar hero b/c it’s not real enough… otherwise, i’m thinking this could be yet another brick.  we shall see.


~ by col.rice on April 15, 2010.

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