let’s have our own tea party…

been trying to keep my mouth shut about this simple, ignant, dim witted ass, half-retarded, quasi-illiterate, shooting, hunting, country ass bumpkin, hockey mom of a broad… but it’s proving to be difficult.  today, she hit boston for a tea party express rally (what is that, like mcdonald’s express?), and called the president’s policies “un-american”.  rather, his policies would lead to “un-american” results.  some more of my favorite quotables were about oil… of course, that bitch still wants a drilling, bad:

“You want to see us keep bowing to the Saudis and coddling Chavez?”

classic.  she also congratulated republican senator scott brown for winning his seat in the massachusetts senate… and he didn’t even show up.  matter fact, most of the mass republicans decided to skip the rally because of “fringe elements that might be attracted to the event.”  i.e. that bitch is crazy and them ninjas that follow her are even crazier.

but back to palin.  now… maybe i’m a bit of a foreigner… but isn’t criticizing your president, pretty un-american?

regardless, her continued display of ignance makes me think… maybe the liberals in this country aren’t as extreme as they need to be.  i mean… how the fuck is it that both jfk and bobby are dead… but this bitch is still walking around, free to spread her ignance across this fine country?  am i calling for an assasination?  no… but can’t someone at least hold this bitch down for a few seconds, if anything, for a quick tea-bagging?  it would only be appropriate.


~ by col.rice on April 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “let’s have our own tea party…”

  1. The way I look at things are…let’s say different. The way I see things, this moron doesnt deserve even a quick tea-bagging…the only way it would be appropriate is if someone was feeling really generous. I feel your frustration though Col. Rice…and you are not alone. Maybe a tea-bagging would help decrease the frequency of her brain farts!

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