excerpts : dj premier fadertv interview

click pic to watch vid

week before last, just before he hopped the pond to sit with tim westwood and then dj semtex, premier sat down with fadertv….the actual fadertv interview will be posted later this week…so check for it at www.thefader.com or thefaderteams youtube page…the interviewer, julianne had on a smiths tee shirt which premier commented on and that started aΒ  rock music conversation before the interview even began…wish my cam was rolling….anyway, for the next hour they spoke on many different topics…..his dreams of scoring films, year round records, his up coming projects, labels, his take on hardcore, christina aguilera, the smithsΒ  and of course guru and gangstarr just to name a few…..i had my camera rolling at this point and clipped together about 5 mintues worth of the conversation….

shouts to rob stone and cornerstone who was in the building….love the eclectic things just laying around his office….


~ by livefromheadqcourterz on April 12, 2010.

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