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I love my people. I love the insanity and rich culture that is woven throughout the fabric of our “developing nations” (I’m told that’s the politically correct term to be used these days…and I’m nothing if not diplomatic). There’s no questioning the obvious socioeconomic disadvantages and political turbulence that plagues many, if not all,
of these regions…but below that outer crust of poverty and corruption, there’s something quite fantastic. Call it history, or culture, or the spirit of the people (no Obama). Call it whatever you want, but if you originate from any part of the developing world, you know exactly what I’m talking about when I say “third world style”.
Africa, Asia, Middle East…people are quick to talk shit and turn a critical eye, but the cultural tapestry is not only undeniable, it’s also something special. And sometimes, it’s all about the little things…

This really struck me last week, when I was catching some jokes with a  couple of friends about this very hilarious commercial for the ‘evil eye pendant’. I swear you can’t even make this shit up! Breaking down the science behind ‘the evil eye’ and then selling a pendant to help ward it off.
I love it. Crafty and comical. Or how about the fact that ‘kosher’ cell phones are now being sold in Israel. Word? Business is business, baby! Then there are things like homemade remedies. Sure, you can eat this, or…it’s a cure for skin ailments! You can cook with this, or…put it in your hair! Third world style. It’s all about ingenuity. Other times it’s about tradition and superstition. And if you dig a little, there’s always historical relevance.

I’m not saying Europeans haven’t given us anything noteworthy. After all, Britain gave us Benny Hill, and Belgians were the masterminds behind french fries (don’t argue with me…google it). But come talk to me when they have a 3-day carnival, during which time talcum power is thrown at people ( )….a pre-new years celebration that consists of jumping over fire ( I’m just saying.

I could go on, but you get the picture. Innovative. Enterprising. Artful. And crazy as all hell. I love my people. Where money and opportunity lacks, creativity flows in abundance. Sometimes in the face of adversity and hate, ignorance and fear, our sense of self and humor is all we have to hold on to. Well…that, and a pendant to ward off the evil eye.

by : third rail


~ by livefromheadqcourterz on March 30, 2010.

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