god bless america.

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only in america will you see such awesomeness actually come to fruition.  the land of the free, indeed.  according to the video, looks like some 1st grade class decided to re-enact the classic ‘scarface’ for their school play.  brilliant.  there are so many things about this video that make me giddy… i can’t even begin to describe them.  so i made a like/dislike list.


  • the use of ‘fudge’ to replace fuck.  watching that lil tony montana mutter ‘fudge’ this and ‘fudging’ that… priceless.
  • the fact that ‘fuck’ was censored, but cocaine references weren’t.
  • whoever that is that plays the part of little pfeiffer.  best actor on that stage.  kills her lines.
  • the cardboard letter cutouts that spell “the world is yours” on the back curtain.
  • the mound of popcorn replacing cocaine.
  • “i’m leaving you, motherfudger.”
  • kids murking kids in a school play.
  • little gina montana’s wig.  magical.
  • the security camera wall.


  • the kid who plays manny.  he just doesn’t seem to be there, i don’t think he’s really putting everything into his character (i.e. the death scene?  come on, you can do better than that little esé).  he’s gonna need a few more sessions at the actor’s studio before he’s ready for hollywood.
  • the director’s reinterpretation of the ending.  if i’m being real picky, that’s really the only one thing missing here and i’m sure it’s the director’s fault.  at around 1:17 of the video, after tony notices the security breach, at some point… any point in the action… he should fall face down into that mound of popcorn and snort every fucking kernel he can.  then, and only then, will this performance be taken seriously by me.

other than that… kudos to this school and these parents.  talk about an epic win.

*update… that shit is a fake… but seriously, nobody else believed this could’ve been true knowing this nra ass country we live in?  if anything, the speed at which this clip spread… and the fact that thousands of people believed it, speaks volmes about the state of our country.  die palin die (just for fun).


~ by col.rice on March 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “god bless america.”

  1. Real or fake, I just dont get why this was done. Would someone please bring me up to speed.

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