trailers for music videos… why?

i been noticing something.  nothing huge, nothing that’s ‘ruining’ the game, but something i consider… slightly cock-eyed.  it perturbs me… a little bit, enough to rant about it, but really, in the grand scheme of things?  you’re probably wasting 10 minutes of your day reading this.  however, if you enjoy a good ol’ fashion rant, a spewing of rage if you will, walk this-a-way.  i have something to share.

so it seems the new amazing music industry ploy is to provide trailers for upcoming music videos… and i must ask the question: why?  what the fuck is the point?  most dictionaries define a trailer as a short filmed advertisement for a movie; a preview. the reason this makes sense for movies, you pay for them.  before you invest your $10, you want to get a slight idea of what you’re investing in.  they also provide you with about 90 minutes of content.  same theory applies to video games, but you’re spending more money, so all the more reason for advertisements/trailers, especially considering the amount of content you’ll receive in a video game.  music videos?  not so much.

first of all, nobody pays to watch music videos.  never have, never will.  if for some unimaginable reason you do?  you’s a sucker, and whoever you paying for them music videos should be reported to the better business bureau.  also, shoot me an email, i will charge you half to view the same videos on this thing i have called youtube (no vevo, that shit is ghey).

even before the days of youtube, we had mtv and video music box.  free forums for us to view these 3:30 of expression, pre-reality shows.  ohhh the good ol’ days.  all reminiscing aside, never in the history of the music industry, has the music video been a commercially viable product, it’s always been a branding tool.  everything with the exception of the ‘thriller’ video, which was 14 minutes of pure awesome that will never be replicated.  so why, pray tell, am i now bombarded with these damn music video trailers?  really?  i need a 40 second preview for that 4 minute long video so i know what i’m gonna get into?  i need to get pumped for release dates and line up in costume like i do for harry potter movies… for a music video? i really need to be informed that there will be hoes and bottles up in said upcoming video?  and/or some dark grim plot that reflects on your background of criminalizing, pre-rapper days?   i don’t know, am i just that cranky?  someone… please help me, because i, for the life of me, can’t figure out why these things upset me so, they just do.  if i’m not buying it, if it’s not going to take up at least an hour of my life, i really don’t need a preview of it.  seriously.  shit reeks of desperation.  if the song is hot, people gon’ look for the video.  that simple.  get your buzz up, fuck the trailer.

and on that note… look out for that nick javas – ‘not a game’ video trailer.  it’s hot.


~ by col.rice on March 23, 2010.

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