spring city…

Think back with me….remember last week…….say starting around Thursday when gray and gloomy mornings made waking up and getting started a real chore…..and the torrential rain all weekend  made it so only the real troopers came out to play?

Now fast forward to Tuesday when everybody woke up to sunshine and birds singing…….hot damn!

I know its not just me…….yall feeling it too……..there is a certain je ne sais quois about New York and sunshine that makes you smile even if resisting a smile is your all day job.

I was downtown Brooklyn on Tuesday……sun just shining and cars rolling by with radios blasting…lines forming outside of Cold Stone, Fulton Street fashionistas caught all off-guard between fur-lined boots and strappy sandals,  and people spending that income tax refund money .

I went to the Bronx on Wednesday and took a workshop on Why Men Batter Women…the whole ride up there I was praying that it wouldn’t be the same ole, same ole……AND IT WASN’T..I could feel my mind sit up and shake off the stagnation…I actually came away with something new to share…a different approach to handling an unpleasant situation. Nice.

Woke up to another beautiful day Thursday and got several calls that the energy at MSG was sizzling when Jay Z joined Alicia Keys on stage to do Empire State of Mind. Then I went online and learned that the US Pole Dance Federation is holding their 2nd annual Championships at the Peter Jay Sharp Theater on March 19th….. and its sold out!.

Spring wont even be here till Saturday and suddenly…its so clear…….eight million stories and eight million things to do IN NEW YORK! Something for everybody; mind, spirit and soul.
….and yeah I know Spring comes every year……..but every year, without fail, we are refreshed, rejuvenated, restored by the sunshine that it brings.

So get your ducks all lined up in a row people, and put a little change to the side to cover the fees…cause its getting ready to get all hot up in NEW YORK! DONTCHA JUST LOVE IT!!!

by : miss peaches from bklyn


~ by livefromheadqcourterz on March 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “spring city…”

  1. Nothing like NY in the spring/summer. Wish i knew about the pole dance competition earlier!

  2. Speak the truth!!! Nothing like the first stretch of warm weather and clear skies! I officially have spring fever!

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