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written by third rail

If you’ve read any of my blogs on this site, then you know I’m a
pretty big supporter of the arts (real art, that is). Usually I talk
about people doing things to make their community a better place using
various mediums of art. But this week I decided to switch it up a bit
and give some shine to a few people that I personally think are
amazing talents.

First on my list is Los Angeles based artist/designer Mike Orduna, who
also goes by the name of Fatoe. I’m not even gonna waste time talking
all uppity artsy fartsy talk, because simply put, this kid is fucking
incredible! See for yourself: From mixed media
to graffiti to album artwork…he always keeps it fresh. An obvious
child of hip-hop culture, some of his tributes can be seen in the form
of illustrations of MF DOOM, Ice Cube, O.G. and Easy-E, to name a few.
His work really just speaks for itself though…

Next up is another L.A. homie that you may have heard of before named
DJ Khalil. No, not Khaled. Khalil. Known in some circles as one of Dr.
Dre’s in-house producers, Khalil is proving himself to be a force in
his own right. Having already produced for Jay-Z, Nas, [The?] Game, 50
Cent (I love when their names appear next to each other…it’s like
true love), The Clipse, that dude Drake that everyone can’t stop
talking about, and the list continues. More interestingly, he has his
own group called The New Royales. No video,
just a song, featuring that other rapper that people can’t stop hyping
— Jay Electronica. DJ Khalil is a rare and true artist for many
reasons, only one of which is that he actually loves this music and
makes it from the heart. Not to mention, he’s one of the nicest dudes
you’ll probably ever meet. He happens to have his own blog which you
can check out…

Another artist to keep an eye out for is actor Dorian Missick. If you
haven’t heard his name, you might know him to see him in films such as
“Two Weeks Notice” (with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant), “Lucky Number
Slevin” (with Josh Hartnett and Bruce Willis) and Freedomland (with
Samuel L. and Julianne Moore). You can also catch him in that new
Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler movie, “The Bounty Hunter”.
Personally, I thought his big breakout role would be in that show “Six
Degrees”, but unfortunately it didn’t get picked up. Actors have to
deal with a lot of rejection until they really make it, and I’m pretty
sure that this Jersey native is well on his way. He’s also a fellow
blogger ( and fancies himself as an
“alleged” DJ (you know I had to keep the hip-hop connection going).

My sister recently said to me that she noticed I never talk about any
females “doing their thing” in my blogs. And to her I said, “I’ll get
to it”. I guess talking about Hannah Storm’s questionable choice of
clothing doesn’t count. So, in the meantime, let me show a little
love… I’d like to send a special shout out to the lady that lives
downstairs from me. I don’t know what her name is, but she’s been
learning how to play the violin since last year sometime. And since
this is a blog about supporting artists, I’d like to say that homegirl
downstairs has really been improving at an impressive rate. I imagine
the violin is a difficult instrument to master, and I salute her for
her commitment and discipline. Every evening AND weekends too. Get it

Give it up for artists…creating art!

by : third rail


~ by livefromheadqcourterz on March 23, 2010.

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