race and reconciliation in america

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this weekend for some reason i decided to take it a bit easier….mostly played the crib real close….. as a result i was fortunate enough to be flipping thru the channels and ran across a program on c-span called after words …. i can’t even tell you why i stopped as i don’t often catch alot of c-span programming….. maybe it was the woman identifying herself as black that stopped me….intrigued i listened as i tried to figure out who she was, where she was from, and is she black??? …..but her last name is Cohen… mother or father white??? cause she look mixed….all these brain farts and more going off one after the other….i knew of the interviewer John Lewis a democratic representative from georgia who had marched and sat -in with MLK was beaten hosed and arrested in the fight for civil rights alongside so many others….then the camera focused on the other guest…wait his name is Cohen as well …ok so they married…..with that lil conundrum figured i settled back to listen and actually learn…..it seems that mr and mrs cohen count author among their many accomplishments and their latest book “race and reconciliation in america” was the subject of this discussion and interview….i like her story of meeting dr martin luther king and mohammed ali on the same day in 1967 as well as ali’s advice to her…you should check the interview for urself…….click the link above to watch a segment of the interview or check their site http://raceandreconciliation.com/ where you will also find links to some of the other good works they endeavor to persevere thru….

Langhart Communcations envisions and produces events which encourage education and understanding of current issues in our society.  We use multimedia avenues to support plays, websites, conferences, fundraising and the like.

Langhart Communications’ mission is to promote race relations, education for underprivileged children, and a call to community service in our nation.

~ by livefromheadqcourterz on March 22, 2010.

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