dame dash on good day ny

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good day ny takes a tour of dame dash’s new gallery spot.  ain’t nothin’ like watchin rosanna scotto ask greg kelly what he thinks when he hears the name dame dash.  early morning word association… magical.  then they gotta ask the asian girl to clarify dame and jay’s relationship.  classic, local morning tv ish.

regardless of the awesomeness that is local fox news, that new dd172 compound is something else.  missed the opening, gonna need to figure out a way to get in there for our own tour.  i need to see this mixture of hippy commune, arts collective, and damon dash.  sounds like a unicorn having sex with a rainbow, too magical to even visualize, but we shall see.  i mean… dude got a room full of animal heads including a vulture and a baboon.  i need to see that ish live.

for those of you who aren’t caught up on what mr. dash has been up to and his views on wack world, peep the site for his last project (goddamnit if  them black keys ain’t funky).  and here for dd172 ish.  who doesn’t want to see money mayweather visit an art gallery in artsy black and white?  shouts to rapradar for the link.


~ by col.rice on March 17, 2010.

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