the internet… and Hip Hop… why?

before we even begin today… please go read this.  done?

first of all… let this be clear, i’m not mad because homey is white.  there is plenty of room in Hip Hop for people of all races… however… this rocky dennis x matthew lillard lookin’ motherfucker makes me want to rip my eyes out with my thumbs.  it’s clear, he’s trying to get traffic and reactions by his oh so ‘controversial’ headline… and guess what… i only got 5 hours of sleep last night, congrats, b, you got a rise out of me, kid.  so let’s dance.

jay-z is only about one thing: money.  ok.  let’s say this is true.  da fuck is wrong with that?  you don’t think nas likes money?  b/c if he wasn’t… he probably wouldn’t have put out… albums… .sold tickets for… concerts… put out an exclusive t-shirt and lighter set through… alife…  i mean, pardon me, but, when did you start listening to Hip Hop exactly?  right when the illmatic album dropped?  ever heard the song “paid in full”?  ever seen slick rick on stage rockin every piece of gold he owns?  you ever heard the second verse of “rapper’s delight”?  and further, do you know who actually wrote it?  ever listen to… shoot, maybe i should slow down.

ok, imma pump the brakes for a second so you, mr. nolan, can take a step back and realize… understand… that at this point in time, Hip Hop is too big to generalize like you just did with ya narrow self.  even before there was jay-z, we had different types of rappers.  gangsters, hustlers, thugs, pimp types, flashy cats, conscientious cats, smarty arty type cats, history buffs, political cats, i mean… i can go on for days.  from curtis blow to grandmaster melle mel; dudes got it in on their own space,  no comparisons made.  it’s two different dudes rappin’ about two completely different things, let ’em do they thing right?  back then maybe, but not today.  now, we live in a world where Hip Hop, as a genre of music, has risen to meteoric levels of popularity and has now gangblasted it’s way into the realm of ‘popular music’, further segmenting the different types of artists we are privy to.  this way, we can have our wacka flocka flames, our commons, and our souljah boys, all in one sitting.  back in the day, when people still bought vinyl, i assume this would be an incredible feat and considered a blessing, but now, we live in an age where any fuck with an ip connection and a keyboard can start weighing in about what’s cool and what’s not (including me right?  wrong, you won’t ever see me or this entire blog, recapping last night’s episode of gossip girls on here, i stick to shit i know and am passionate about, you fuckstick).  which has lead me down this path… mostly just due to lack of sleep and crankiness.

so, you think the internet cool kids are dick riding jay-z too much and think it’s wrong because he is about one thing and one thing only: money.  make a quick “illmatic” reference, a snarky comparison to new york magazine (i bet they shakin’ in they boots right now), then quote dead prez (do they even know you from the gawker? or wtf the gawker is?), and now, you are the king of the cool kids, addressing all from your throne of gawkerness.  you remind me of the not so ‘cool kids’ i knew in my high school who would constantly accuse people of being conformists… meanwhile… all of them dressed, talked, accepted wedgies, and whined the same in they own ‘non-conformist’ way.  fuckouttahere, homey.  i’m sick of this shit.  cool kids, not cool kids, like this for this reason, don’t like this for that reason… shut.  the.  fuck.  up.  like what you like, hate what you hate.  kids?  it’s totally ok for you to like dead prez and jay-z at the same time.  fuck it, i love me some classic elton john, dead prez, jay-z, public enemy, queen, metallica, stone temple pilots, jay electronica, herbie hancock, dean martin, en vogue, swv, new edition, and the gravediggaz… all at the same time.  so fucking sue me.  i must aspire to be too much?  fuck outta here dick, we don’t believe you, you need more people.  quit conformin’ to non-conformity you taintwad.

and just because i’m extra cranky, i’ll reaffirm this point… any site that posts weekly summaries/reviews/analysis of the tv show gossip girl, is not allowed to speak their mind on Hip Hop.  go end yaselves.

and back to the kids, lessons of today?  opinions are cool, preaching is a whole ‘nother thing.  and if you got a local butcher shop in your neighborhood that specializes in meat?  why hit the meat counter at d’agostino?  think about it.


~ by col.rice on March 16, 2010.

7 Responses to “the internet… and Hip Hop… why?”

  1. Unlike Col. Rice, I had the benefit of a solid eight hours rest and yet even before I finished reading Mr. Nolans’ opinion my typing finger was itching to check him…and warn young people about morons like him, but I didnt have to cause Col. Rice took care of all that…properly!…but because I cannot resist running my mouth, umma send a lil message to Mr. Nolan anyway….get offa Jay Z dick, go play somewhere…..he’s busy!

  2. i understand this post, but its badly writing. im into hiphop since 1986, but it doesnt matter, forget it, i hate discussions with peeps i dont know. word is bond.

  3. writing = written (sorry im just a german dude with bad english) 🙂

  4. BIG props for the Rocky Dennis name drop. HAHAHAHAHA

  5. Hey Shiddenhauzen,

    If it doesn’t matter and if you “hate discussions with peeps you don’t know,” then why the hell would you even say anything? At least rice dropped something worth reading. My word IS bond son.

  6. So where is his Dead Prez interview? I searched Gawker and no Dead Prez interview. WTF?! Or maybe he just imagined that he interviewed them.

  7. Emailed the following to Hamilton….

    So where is your Dead Prez interview Mr Hamilton? I searched Gawker and no Dead Prez interview. WTF?! Or maybe you just imagined that you interviewed them.

    Apparently you haven’t heard but Jay and DP actually did a song together a few years ago, Hell Yeah (Pimp The System), available on Amazon. The theme was… wait for it… getting money in spite of the system of capitalism, which is the process of confiscating wealth and enforcing dependency on the masses. Dead Prez and Jay-Z appreciate each other, and in spite of your supposed quote, are not contradictory. One certainly can admire, or as you say “idolize”, both.

    They are both authentic, subversive Hiphop in ways that I don’t have the patience to catch you up on. Suffice it to say as KRS-ONE defined in H.I.P.H.O.P. (I Come Back), available on iTunes: HIP denotes intelligence, being in the know, and relevant; while HOP represents activism and movement. See how they fit together?

    Please Mr Hamilton, in the future do be more careful writing on Hiphop or at least run it by someone who takes Hiphop more seriously than as a topic for hipster critique.

    H.I.P.H.O.P. = Her Infinite Power Healing Oppressed People

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