he said it… not me.

this dude rules at life, click to see the extent...

our dude in belgium, gimantalon (doesn’t that shit sound like a transformer name or some shit?) just couldn’t keep it inside.  looks like in a moment of frustration… he just decided to let loose.  for those of you who don’t know, gimantalon has been up on his intrawebs game for a minute now, repping for dj premier in every way possible that you could from belgium.  dude surprises me quite often.  anyhow, i thought i’d share this, a little late, but if you got problems with my tardiness, please insert something phallic in your mouth cuz i got a 9-5, bills to pay, and kids to feed.  suckers.

~ by col.rice on March 12, 2010.

4 Responses to “he said it… not me.”

  1. i guess gim tooked it lil personal…
    ppl who admire dj premier´s job might get it wrong if
    they don´t read (by gimantalon) on the top of the blog..

  2. I admit I was mad after sawing Guru’s nephew again on youtube and everyone was asking for the truth. I’m about the remake the blog incl. the name. But I need money for that so I’m saving up from my personal earnings in order to make everyone happy. And if Premo don’t like his blog he can always remove it, it’s his call!

    Peace from Europe

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