best cover art in the game. period.

Hip Hop cd covers.  usually created by someone’s homey.  he usually did graf’s back in the day.  he might’ve taken a few classes on photoshop or illustrator… he might be self taught.  who knows.  now, what do you get if you combine a trained graphic designer, with no graffiti experience, with a man of our culture?  you get brent rollins.  the best coverart designer in the game, period.

if you haven’t already, go cop the freeway & jake one album.  not on itunes, not from emusic or some shit, go cop the actual cd (preferably from a mom and pop music store, keep indies alive people).  take that ish home, warm up your stereo, pour some wine, light a candle, bust out the ol’ ez cd opener, and prepare to have your mind blown.  then, and only then, will you fully understand the genius that is brent rollins.  it ain’t flashy, it don’t look like an old no limit cd, it doesn’t readily advertise the freezer’s beard’s twitter account… but goddamn if ain’t the hottest shit i seen since sliced bread.

now, get a broom and a dustpan, clean up the pieces of brain that have littered the floor under your desk, and then click on this.  educate yourself.  apply the knowledge.  that is all.


~ by col.rice on March 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “best cover art in the game. period.”

  1. Okay…properly inspired by the message(thanks Col. Rice)…looking into the ez cd opener, wine is always on hand…now…can somebody please tell me where I can find a mom and pop music store in Brooklyn. Im serious…they would get all my entertainment dollars if I knew where to find them. Help me out yall….

  2. Hey Marie:

    Try this article:

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