straight stoopid.

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so this moose shooting, hockey watching, just you’re regular ol’ suburban nutbag of a lady is back… again… and again and again and again.  mrs. palin has been quite clear about her stance on Obama’s healthcare reform (do i even need to say the hot phrase “death panel”?  please don’t make me…), about as clear as she is about her stance on evolution.   but last night… in an alarming twist of irony, mrs. palin revealed to the $150 a head (i wouldn’t give this woman a pubic hair to watch her speak, let alone enough money for a luxurious hand job from the spitzer hooker), citizens of calgary, that her family “used to hustle over the border for health care [they] received in canada.”  what?  so… not only does your grandson already/currently/at present time (no flux capacitor) benefit from socialized healthcare through indian health services… but is now admitting that she and her entire family used to trek to canada and benefit from their socialized healthcare?  bitch what?  the hypocrisy continues… someone please accidentally on purpose, shoot this bitch and make it look like a hunting accident.


~ by col.rice on March 10, 2010.

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