the notorious one

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13 years ago today, Hip Hop lost one of it’s most valuable commodities, mr. frank white.  undeniably, my favorite rapper of all time.  growing up in seoul, korea, not understanding the dynamics of west vs east, i remember my foolish self, siding with the east coast solely on the strength of this man’s music.  seriously… i believed in dude so passionately, i was ready to go to civil war lengths to rep for the east.  but that’s another post for a different day.  today is a day for celebration.  we remember biggie for all the good memories, not that media fueled fuckery that took him from us.  so bust out your ready to die albums, get the double disc ready, and blast away in the memory of christopher wallace.  and if you got a sec, peep the source awards performance that the source just released.  ’95 shit.

props to nahright for the video.

props to missinfo for the rip of mr. cee’s old school at noon…..str8 biggie…download link


~ by col.rice on March 9, 2010.

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