Skillz Live Denver - click pic to watch

i have been looking for this footage for quite some time…finally found the correct harddrive…. this dudes words just seem soooo appropriate right now…please keep praying for GURU….please…..shit is serious!

full clip live click pic to watch vid

this past friday i had the responsibility to pick up Justin Elam-Ruff from the airport and take him to the livefromheadqcourterz radio show….thats right this young man after posting this video and shaking up, not only my world, but, also the hip hop world……he made another decision, got on a plane and flew across the country to finish what he started…. the next morning i had the responsibility to take him to the hospital where his uncle remains in a coma..he really hadn’t slept much especially since at around 5am saturday morning…. this and this hit the wire….uhhh huuuhh!!!…

we approached the information desk in the main lobby of the hospital…we were asked “how can i help you gentlemen” by the intake woman at the front desk…Justin replied…”i’m here to visit my uncle keith elam”….the rather nice but professional older woman who asked the first question raised her eyebrow and responded…”lemme check the list”…..her first response after checking the first list was…”well your name is not on this list let me check the other list”……she then continued….”oh ok, your name is on this list”….”i’m sorry i cannot allow you to go see the patient”…yeah let that marinate… it seems like there were two lists…one list (the first list she looked at) had the names of people allowed to visit(the patient) …..the other list(the second list she checked) had the names of people who were not allowed to visit(the patient)


JUSTIN NICHOLAS ELAM-RUFF’s name was on that second list….TRUTH!!

oh soooo many questions……

his attempt to see his uncle at this point in the saga was DENIED!!……FACT!!

I will continue this tale soon….for now……

rumor has it capt. cape man will be on a new york based morning show on monday….we will be listening….until then my GANG STARR collection will be on repeat….please keep Guru in your prayers….it ain’t over…..

UPDATE : peeped this earlier today

click pic to view origin


~ by fistofbowlfish on March 7, 2010.

17 Responses to “GANGSTARR FOREVER!!”

  1. video wont work for me it says its private??

  2. What legal right does Solar have to exclude anyone?

  3. […] exposed yet again for being a fraudulent piece of shit. In this entry by Biggest Gord, a long time member of GangStarr foundation, he gives details as to what happened when was […]


  5. would like to see this vimeo video. what’s the password fam? big up and my best for GURU!!!!

  6. […] nephew is unable to visit his uncle due to being blacklisted by Solar. Biggest GordΒ writes as […]

  7. i’ve found a 30min live show by gang starr last week, here is the link

  8. solar will be on a new york morning show? thats a good thing. get the boys, wait till he gets outta the building (after the show), follow him and first thing, when he gets outta the car, punch him on the nose. and then the truth and more will come outta his EVIL mouth. (sorry bout my bad english. im german, and writing from germany).

  9. Okay…if you living and you lucky you can learn something new everyday…I always ASSUMED that a health care proxy dealt with matters regarding the patients’ health…stuff like consents for operations, procedures, etc….I did not realize it extended to lists of who can and cannot visit……WOW!!!….thats some serious shit right there…Praying for Gurus’ speedy and complete recovery is priority right now…and right after that everybody should go through your minds check list…ask yourself…do I have a visiting list?…and who is in charge of that list?

  10. […] seeing his own uncle in the hospital. in a statement made by Biggest Gord, the label manager […]

  11. […] Meanwhile, Premier’s team blog, LivefromHeadqcourterz, tells a very different story. According to them, Guru’s nephew went to the hospital and was told that his name was on a no-visitation list. (click to read) […]

  12. There is something much deeper than you nor I will ever know going on here. It is time for Justin’ family to get a lawyer NOW.


  13. […] Meanwhile, Premier’s team blog, LivefromHeadqcourterz, tells a very different story. According to them, Guru’s nephew went to the hospital and was told that his name was on a no-visitation list. (click to read) […]

  14. […] this was just posted via Live @ HQ Blog from Biggest Gord Manager @ Year Round […]

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