Statik Selektah On Guru: “It’s Bigger Than Solar…”

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caught this on nahright … while on tour in europe with saigon my man statik sat down in the lobby of his hotel and did an hour long interview….here’s the excerpt they decided to post….

thanks to eskay for posting…


~ by livefromheadqcourterz on March 5, 2010.

3 Responses to “Statik Selektah On Guru: “It’s Bigger Than Solar…””

  1. nice to see gord and live from hq with a blog. keep exposing the truth on this guru situation.

  2. How did Guru even get down with this dude Solar in the first place? What does dude bring to the table as an artist. Guru has collaborated with EVERYONE from jazz greats to new school rappers, but the one common denominator is that everyone he’s worked with has had talent. What is Solar’s talent? His beats are basic at best. He doesn’t rap. No one in the industry fucks with him. What is it? What happened to the Guru we knew who rapped: “Producers makin Tinkerbell beats for them to rhyme on/ they ass if they get on the same stage that I’m on/ Our shit be rugged, like the New York streets/ Make the wrong move stupid then you lose your seat!”?? What happened to that Guru? What about ” I ain’t down with the weirdos/ I’m true to the game, fuck fame, peep my concerto!”? Guru did Jazzmatazz all on his own and now some unknown comes in and tries to fuck up Jazzmatazz legacy? Someone needs to involve the authorities to investigate this matter, too much is at stake.

  3. i don’t wanna talk shit about nobody or their religion at all, and i really have no inside info about anything without doubt, but this situation with guru and solar, dating back to 2003-04, has always reminded me of travolta or cruise and scientology. i mean, what do these people (scientologists) have over my man john travolta or the couch-hopping midget that keep them under the l ron hubbard banner like that? is solar running a cult that guru got caught up in, or is their some financial business or blackmail that keeps solar on top of guru all day, e’eryday? i mean, something has never added up.

    again, not shittin’ on nobody’s religion (i guess maybe i am), and i really don’t have any business commenting on this, but that’s what i do. i comment on stuff that doesn’t concern me. it’s sort of my thing.

    all respect to guru, i hope you get well my dude. peace and respect to justin elam too. gangstarr for life.

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