paul mooney – black is the new white

click to watch the video

so for the past few days my perception of reality has been tossed on it’s side….skewered for lack of a better description…so today as is my norm I started checkin the blogs….ran across this lil tidbit here and after checking it out realized alot of the knowledge paul money drops in the clip relates to all our lives and perceptions ….. can’t wait to see and hear the complete interview and consume his upcoming product…for now eat brain food….and keep praying for my dude Guru…lets get back to reality

props : daily-math via marcus respekt


~ by fistofbowlfish on March 4, 2010.

One Response to “paul mooney – black is the new white”

  1. That’s what’s up! Paul Mooney keeps wisdom, especially the bit about celebs and self esteem. That’s soooo true. Anyway, JR, Block Report Radio, KPFA, Davy D all that is off tha chain! Peace from NC!

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