Imagine my surprise when I realized that this thing about me….this thing that I’ve been doing as long I have known the pleasures of a mans’ company qualifies me to be defined as a cougar.

I guess “women who like younger men who can put it down like energizer bunnies and as an added bonus can keep you up to date with new and exciting adventures (as opposed to their counterparts who are constantly regaling you with back in the day stories)” was too lengthy a description. Sorta like that sentence you just read….but I digress….. so the types came up with the term cougar….but that’s the problem I have sometimes with these labels…….often, in an effort to be all cute and trendy, they miss the mark.

Cougars are predators who stalk and pounce on the weak and vulnerable.

I do not stalk. I live. During the course of living…sometimes I’m approached by a younger man….rarely the other way around. No matter where I go….a club, church, a basketball game at the Garden… younger men size me up, man up, throw social norms to the wind and approach me.

I do not pounce. Time heals all wounds including that ache between my legs so no need to get all hot and sweaty with it today. Tomorrow or the next day or even next week, will do nicely. Unless there is an acute physiological need, most humans(that would include older women too people) enjoy the cat and mouse games…quiet conversation, maybe dinner and drinks… are both aware of where all this is headed but it’s those lil side trips that makes the travel towards that ultimate destination so much more delicious.

And seriously….what woman – young or old – wants a man who is weak and vulnerable?? On the contrary, it is I who has often been mistaken for weak and vulnerable (cant be any other reason for a woman who doesn’t want a man her own age right? Wrong!!!…..keep it moving Leroy….I’m not that one.) Im an independent woman…you don’t have to take care of me. ( A quick aside: “sugar daddy”…another messed up definition for somebody who is actually just trading goods for services) Conversely, I don’t need a pimp either. I prefer to give my honey away but only to those younger men who are intelligent and open-minded or those who have potential for growth in those areas: The weak and vulnerable need not apply.

So popular has this new definition become that there is a new sitcom called Cougar Town starring Courtney Cox…first few episodes were devoted to the agonizing decision of “to do” or “not to do” a younger man….she did….sex was great but it didn’t work out and now the series seems devoted to the ups and downs of relationships in general (example…she has since allowed her ex- hubby to er hmm… toss her a bone as it were..) my point here is…..while it might make for tantalizing tidbits around the water cooler, a older woman with a younger man does not have enough legs to carry a whole sitcom. Its just a small segment on the whole subject of how relationships work. Move it along folks…nothing new to see here.

So to the curious or closeted younger men out there……please don’t be put off by these “labels”…come join us older women in the land of self definition….we promise you…unlike a cougar…we nibble nicely and we never bite.

by : miss peaches from bklyn


~ by livefromheadqcourterz on March 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “Do-It-Yourself-Definition”

  1. really cool subject. I think that cougar is actually a wack term for older women younger men relationships which I have also encountered in myself. I think its great when a woman can appreciate a man for not his age, but the level of maturity and substance he brings to the table.

  2. Great article. I think it’s nice when women have the courage to explore and ignore the sneers & jeers of the mianstream followers. DO YOU!

  3. Wow! You are so on point with this subject.

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