who to trust…..what to believe…..

so this just hit the wire…..“I am doing fine and I am recovering! I’m weak though. Solar is the only person who has the accurate info on my situation. Any info from anybody else is false! I appreciate your well wishes and all the love!”….hopefully it’s true…….yet I have my doubts….but that’s me…please be true!!!!!

So Guru regained consciousness and had the where with all to not only hear about, how the the world via the net has been buzzing about him, his health and his current situation…but also the strength and mind state to issue a statement through his partner….so lemme get this straight…. from the rumor mill of he said she said….he goes in for a second procedure on his back because the first wasn’t as successful as hoped…while undergoing the procedure his lung collapses(he always had asthma) and he goes into cardiac arrest….some how he either slips into a coma or is medically induced into a coma….either way he’s in a coma….the news gets out… allegedly from his sister…supposedly he’s having a procedure done because of the collapsed lung (you can assmue it’s a tracheostomy if you want I ain’t no doctor)…everyone starts calling everyone else to get some kinda verification or information and tweeting they hope the surgery is successful and so on and so forth….the ‘tweetenistas’ continue to buzz with misinformation (r.i.p guru…. etc)….but still no concrete accurate factual info….other people start tweeting about hearing from premier and what he said to them……true or not true that’s the day we livin in…. a new day….. the information highway or the matrix???…. you choose….I wanna hear from the person or persons who Guru(allegedly) spoke those words to…better yet his doctor……so they can look me in the face and tell me he woke from his coma and uttered those very words quoted in the quote…or even better….hear it from the horse’s mouth….I know ….I know…who the hell do I think I am???….label me a very concerned friend……don’t get me wrong…..it’s mad easy for me to want to believe that he would say those things and his partner would have the only accurate information on his situation…that’s how they been getting down since last I saw my dude over 5 years ago…….only thing is I ain’t hearing much from his partner until this…..”Guru is resting and doing well after his surgery,” Solar told AllHipHop.com. “The doctors say that he will fully recover from his illness. We thank everyone who send prayers our way and we appreciate the outpouring of love from around the world!”…..I just wanna know that my dude really did wake from that coma and spoke those words….because the alternative is just damn sad and disappointing….until then imma keep praying hoping and waiting…..

source : rap radar via allhiphop


~ by fistofbowlfish on March 3, 2010.

9 Responses to “who to trust…..what to believe…..”

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  2. this whole thing is crazy. Get Well Soon, Guru!!!

  3. Solar’s a scumbag

  4. Get well soon Guru…the entire Hip-Hop community is wishing you a speedy recovery…you are a legend!!

  5. […] If you haven’t been watching carefully, let’s bring you up to speed. After Guru suffered a heart attack last week and went to surgery, yesterday the media got an “official statement” from Guru himself where it was said that he was recovering and that Solar war the only person with correct information about his condition. Not long after that we got the video from Guru’s nephew Justin, who exposed Solar and put things into a different perspective. Justin’s video caused a massive #FUCKSOLAR movement on Twitter, with many of the hip hop heavyweights telling their opinion on the situation. In the video above you can see Hot 97’s radio host Peter Rosenberg talk about his experiences with Solar (Guru actually called him Lord?!). Biggest Gord, the manager of Premier’s Year Round Records label wrote a few words about this topic, you can read his input here. […]

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  7. FYI – I can only infer that GURU created a legal document dictating his wishes in a medical emergency based upon these heretofore irrefutable facts:

    1) the actions of the hospital & staff
    2) the nephew’s comments
    3) the family’s inability to still see him

    Unfortunately, this is another one of those depressingly hard “teachable moments” that we all need to pay heed to and address ASAP. Don’t leave your family & love ones to guess about what you intend for them to do as it relates to your medical &/or funeral intentions – get a living will and or advance directives for medical decisions done while you are of sound mind & body. If you don’t then you will facilitate the disharmony & hatred that tears families apart when they should be coming together.

    My wife’s family had to learn this lesson the hard way – despite wise counsel prior to said tragedy. Don’t let it happen to your family.

  8. Unfortunately, because GURU created a legal document STIPULATING that Solar was the executive of his legal directives there is nothing that anyone can do. The doctors/hospitals/etc. are obligated to the patient & their LEGALLY dictated wishes; which is why the family has been stopped in their desire to see him by the hospital staff. Those are legal facts that you can’t get around – right or wrong, ethical or unethical; unless you go to court, as his nephew alluded to thinking about doing, and have that document revoked.

    More importantly, before we jump the gun & judge Solar, the question that has to be asked is “WHY” GURU would restrict his family in this manner? This obstensibly begets the question whose rights are paramount – the patient’s or the family. This has always been one of the major impetus for a gay marriage bill, because familys ostracize same sex partners during medical crisises when such a law is not in place; this however is the flip side of that equation – the lawyer, or gay partner, or business partner has the authority, not the family. PLEASE NOTE that this is not to imply a same-sex relationship between GURU & Solar but to illustrate how preparation over one’s medical, financial, burial wishes can be misunderstood &/or abused after the fact when not properly communicated upfront to all parties involved.

    There are 4 sides to every story:
    1) side A
    2) side B
    3) the truth
    4) and the listener’s perception of what they’ve heard

    My prayers go out to everyone involved BUT first & foremost to GURU’s healthy return! At that time, hopefully we will all have a greater understanding as to why/how this medical crisis was mishandled. I pray to GOD that all of Solar’s actions have been at the behest of GURU because if not then…

  9. […] The video you see here, has caused a major ruckus on twitter, making #FUCKSOLAR a popular topic thru HouseShoes, Just Blaze, Freddie Foxx, Statik Selektah, Peter Rosenberg, and countless others. Biggest Gord, the manager of Premier’s Year Round Records label wrote a few words about this topic. You can read his input here. […]

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