now i would never hit a woman, but…

again?  what in the world is wrong with this girl?  from throwin’ blackberries to slammin’ her driver’s head into the steering wheel, the insanity of naomi campbell knows no bounds.  now, i grew up with a single mom.  i don’t condone physical violence when it comes to the opposite sex.  but… when does it become not acceptable for a woman to consistently wild out with no physical punishment or retribution?  at what point do we start lookin’ at the opposite side of the coin?  i can’t go around throwing mobile devices at my non-existent assistant.  i can’t just attack cab drivers at will.  why?  either i get charges or we throwin’ hands, for no particular reason.  so what makes this fine piece of insanity, think she in the clear?  cuz she got a hot accent?

considering this beautiful, yet totally unstable creature, seems to make this a habitual occurrence… say she came at me physically?  i’m comin’ down on that with zeus like fury.  no closed fist.  just a cold blooded pimp slap to the face (and mom, i only say this because of the numerous times you slapped fire out my mouth, which coincidentally, made me the man i am today… it can only do good for this troubled soul).

at the same time… there is something about her crazy that makes me feel funny in my pants…  here’s to you naomi… keep swinging, just don’t expect my shoulder to be there when someone finally swings back.


~ by col.rice on March 3, 2010.

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