Today is March 1, 2010 which means Black History Month is behind us. Is it me, or does it seem like Black History Month this year was simply a rehash of years past…very…er umm…more of the same. Now don’t get me wrong, in case somebody missed it last year or the years before, Im sure its refreshing to learn that Benjamin Banneker is responsible for developing the first clock ever built-in the United States..( hell I even learned something new this year…the census is set up so that it counts inmates according to the county they’re jailed in..not the county where they came from and will return to… um hmm…let that marinate….. translated it means that federal dollars will fund a new science lab for a school in county of Fishkill where the inmate was counted and the children where the inmate comes from will have to share a textbook: short count means shortchanged)…and if you don’t know about the most recent historical breakthrough – a Black man sits as President of these United States – well, you might was well go crawl back under that rock. Of course, a good case can be made to support the idea that our children are the ones that benefit most from these annual historical reminders and I agree 100%., but (and there is always a “but”, isn’t there?) I have another thought about what children should learn – something much more valuable.

We might wanna try taking it back to basics.

Those of us who have southern or Caribbean backgrounds, know that its damn near sacrilege to pass an adult anywhere and not speak….and yet how many of us have become educated to the enth degree, sophisticated till we stink with it… done moved on up to buying luxury high rise condos…… but don’t utter a word when we step on the elevator with neighbors….or pass them in the street or the supermarket. Not a word…not good morning dog….how you feeling heffa…….nothing!!!

Okay, so here you are armed with your annual dose of Black facts and you all fired up… you gonna fight the power, you gonna overcome…wait a minute…how the hell you gonna organize the masses if you’re not even saying good morning?
Back in the day, Gil Scott Heron said “The revolution will not be televised”…..well guess what, it probably wont even happen if we not  speaking to each other.

Children are natural imitators so the way I see it, all we have to do is lead by example….have them watch while we offer a cheery good morning…let them see how we asking about the neighbors health….or giving Mrs. So and So a hand with her shopping cart.

We need to take it back to basics….once we satisfied with our progress in that area, maybe then we can move on to saving the universe from itself…….um just saying.

by : peaches from bklyn


~ by livefromheadqcourterz on March 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “back2basics”

  1. Good Morning Heffa!

  2. very interesting regarding prison census. VERY. Can’t catch a break! Thanks for the knowledge. keeping it real, you can’t say good morning to everyone..try it on the train and see if they don’t haul you off to the psyche word for being “friendly” children are imitators couldn’t agree need to speak to everyone though…but do carry a lady’s stroller up the subway stairs….hold a door for a person…random acts of kindness can sometimes go a long way..even further than a good morning heffa..

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