it’s a wonderful world

the intrawebs works in mysterious ways.  most times, the times we pay attention anyway, it’s doing it’s job in spreading filth… but there are times like this, when positive vibes flow from the most unlikely sources… twitter.  me personally?  i don’t tweet.  my twitter account would be the most worthless string of updates ever (i.e. col.rice@biggestgord i just took the biggest dump of my life. twitpic coming soon…).  i never quite understood why anyone would want to know what i was doing and when because really… my life is fairly uneventful.  but this made me possibly rethink my negativity towards twitter… sort of.

looks like e-bads was working on a track and needed last minute clearance for a wings sample she used.  instead of calling her management or label, she enlisted her tweet armada to get that sample cleared, and lo and behold… due to the supernatural occurrence that is lenny kravitz, she got her sample cleared.  the chain went like this… erykah reached out to her twit fam, her boy lenny saw it, enlisted his girl stella, who hollered at daddy mcartney, and bing boom bang… sample cleared.  no managers, no lawyers, no pub admins, nothing.  take it from someone who works in this mess, anything that comes to fruition without a single conference call?  that’s a goddamn miracle.

now, to start my amazing, unicorn like twitter account.

col.rice@biggestgord holy shit, i just peed my name in the snow… trying to upload twitpic.  one.


~ by col.rice on February 26, 2010.

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