bi-partisan non-bickering???….has a change started????

click pic to watch the daily show clip

so many people learn so many different things from so many different interactions… just yesterday i learned teenage girls are maaaddd!!!…not upset per se just crazy!!!..shout out to my niece…lawd help ur poor parents, they gonna need it…..anyway…back to interactive learning…..many of us grab for the style over the substance……well this contributor to the pantheon of pop culture and style as well as senior substantive member of the jew unit almost always entertains and informs with his daily (fake news) show….last nights show dealt with the bipartisan health care reform summit 2010…..mediated by our very own president barack obama….7 1/2 hours of politicians behavingΒ  in a manner foreign to what we as constituents are so used to…guess the presence of cameras affects the behaviour of law makers as much as the behaviour of the accused lawless…they actually had sane substantive discourse … who would have thunk it …well mr. stewart and his writers did a bit more with the information than some of the (real news) shows….

take a moment in your day and check the clips at the daily show with john stewart


~ by livefromheadqcourterz on February 26, 2010.

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