rip: a remix manifesto

a coworker put me on to this documentary that missed my radar, and i must admit, this is something every 21st century producer/dj/beat geek/lab nerd should be watching.  sampling vs copyright issues has been a perplexing subject in music and media, especially when it comes to us Hip Hop heads (i think i work for a dude who likes to sample stuff, i should get him to watch this).  brett gaylor (pause), uses this film as a vehicle to both explore copyright issues in this media age we live in, as well as supplement the ‘movement’ by giving up raw footage of the doc for anyone to remix and mash up online.  power to the people.

the documentary follows several people for 6 years who are involved in some way shape or form, with online media (i.e. girl talk, the mashup dj), but by far, the most compelling story is of jammie thomas.  short version?  thomas is a native american, single mother from minnesota who makes about $36k a year.  she was sued by the riaa, for damages of about $222,220 because of 24 songs she shared on kazaa.  24.  yeah i said it.  all went down from ’07 to ’09, in which, i’m sure there was some nerd out there that was sharing his entire archive of 3617 phish live recordings, but who did the riaa target?  a single mom… who barely gets by… that shared 2 dozen songs (around $23.76 worth of itunes goodies).  way to go riaa, you guys rule ass.  i hope you busted into her apartment with a swat team, like you did dj drama, you no authority having, moronic bastards, you.  let’s fuck with more single moms’ lives because, god forbid, she shares a green day song for download online.

all anger aside, its a great doc.  go watch it.


~ by col.rice on February 25, 2010.

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