ouchi gallery – lucky strike – sutra


my homie steve bone invited me to the ‘real street art show’ over at ouchi gallery last night.Β  steve’s an artist and exhibits his work throughout the world at different galleries, parties and in the know artsy fartsy events……now i’m not an art connoisseur, couldn’t tell you the first thing about impressionist this or avant-garde that….i just know what i like….and what i don’t like/get, i leave for those that do…i took a few photos had a few nice conversations experienced some art purchased some art and enjoyed a couple nice glasses of wine before heading over to toca tuesdays at sutra……

where i ran into Jeru and A.G. either of whom I hadn’t seen in a bit…also saw Sadat X…who was having a release party for his upcoming project wild cowboys 2…the e.p. dropped yesterday the album scheduled for a march 23, 2010 release….

after ouchi and before sutra we had dinner over at lucky strike….havent been there in a while but that place/food is still bangin….always was a good after the party spot for a bite before you headed home…still is….

if you one of those that appreciates and supports the arts and artists…..trip on over to 170 tillary street suite 507 before sunday if you wanna catch the current exhibition….just near the manhattan bridge across from mcdonalds…which actually looked closed down last night…but thats another story for another blog….eeeaaassssy!!!!


~ by fistofbowlfish on February 24, 2010.

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