“never forget that everything hitler did in germany was legal.”

that was mlk who said that in ’63.  funny how some shit never changes, but like the good doctor said, the law, can be a curious mistress.  case in point, the michael mineo trial.  for those of you who don’t know, allegedly, this kid was out smoking a doobie on the skreeps, the cops chased him into a subway, held him, and officer richard kern decided to introduce dude’s rear end to his baton.  awesome nypd anticts.  we got a mom that was pickin’ up her son from the station, both confirm they heard screams of anguish, among other details.  we got possible dna evidence, and shit, we even got a transit cop testifying that he witnessed the incident, he only decided to testify to because they were trying to pin the blame on the wrong cop… but that’s besides the point, i’m no lawyer or judget, i’m just bringin’ you up to the goings-on.  this last thursday, we got to see the legal system in full swing, as one of the jurors was dismissed from the trial for spreading “misinformation.”

so what happened?  in layman’s terms, this woman remembered during deliberation that officer kern, had previously been accused of police brutality.  was it true?  yes.  however, because this previous charge was settled out of court for straight cash, he was never indited (usually, when you gotta pay someone off to shut him up?  there’s some amount of guilt involved, just sayin’) and so this previous case was not considered admissible evidence.  now… we live in a world that passes judgement.  it’s gonna happen, welcome.  it’s a world where if someone like michael jackson (may he rest in peace) is consistently accused of something, even though never proven in a court of law, we jump to conclusions.  hey, it is what it is, my personal jury is still out on mj and the kids but again, passing judgment is only human nature.  regardless, this is the world we live in.  now, according to my common sense, we have this 26 year old kid (officer), has previously been accused of police brutality, then settled that case out of court for about $50K, then again accused a year later of baton-fucking a pothead… the kid probably has a problem.  that’s what i see when i hear everything laid out.  however, the legal system doesn’t often think like this, and the juror was thrown out.

now, for the remainder of the trial, the defense focused on diminishing the victim’s credibility, a common practice in cases against police officers.  how he was a crip, how he had priors, how he might not have paid his taxes, all this leading to… of course the cops would never have shoved a baton up his ass, he’s clearly lying because he’s a bad person (also used as defense; the hole in his undies was square, the baton is round… duh).

so, where does this all lead to in today’s world?  as of 11AM (when i started writing this), all 3 cops are acquitted.  yay legal system.  3 witnesses, dna evidence, all goes for naught… because the kid crips and smokes weed.  and what does kern have to say about all this?  “i feel great. i’m glad the system works,it’s been a long road and it’s finally over, thank god.”  thank god, indeed.


~ by col.rice on February 22, 2010.

One Response to ““never forget that everything hitler did in germany was legal.””

  1. Wow…Ive been out all day so this is the first time Im hearing about the outcome of this trial. When I got to the part “all three cops are acquited”, my mouth dropped open in surprise…(damn if I know why)then my heart felt heavy and then I remembered these words from back in the day: dont cry….scream!

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