year of the tiger

why is it such a big deal that tiger woods cheated on his wife?  like this isn’t something the world is used to in professional sports?  maybe i’m a little sensitive, but is it just me or they puttin’ more heat on this poor cablasian than they did on spitzer?  that dude was governor of ny state and he illegally transported a ny state prostitute across state lines (i love how the government, in this instance, clearly defined that bitch as a ny state ho), a big no no.   what’d tiger do?  he just jeeped behind his lady’s back.  sure, a few times, but he wasn’t engaged in any interstate whoring as a government official.  so why the big deal?  is it the sponsors?  i doubt it, dude has enough money to live 69 lives.  so why the profuse apology?  my guess?  the pga is probably the stuffiest sports organization in the world, not to mention, any legitimate country club is not down with tmz paps stalkin’ cats on the field.  so why is it that cats like jordan or karl malone don’t get any heat for all their marital woes… but tiger has all of america on his ass?  i wonder if it’s because he talks like a white man, plays a white man’s sport, and whups on that ass, all the while?  it’s like america just realized dude is colored.  if i were a publicist, i woulda had him whup it out at the press conference with a big double bird, lyor cohen style.


~ by col.rice on February 19, 2010.

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