if you ain’t know, or got scared by the slush, last night was the official release celebration of freeway & jake one’s stimulus package, and a celebration it was indeed.  highline ballroom wasn’t packed, but for a sleety, icey ass tuesday night, shit was rockin.  and as usual, the rhymesayers folks kept it professional, you ain’t watching the dj vamp for an hour while the headliner finishes his heated round of cee-lo in the back.  it was a good night.

info was on for hosting duties, keepin’ it 100 for the intraweb folks (funny how shit’s flipped from radio shout outs to website shout outs, but fuck can i say, i’m a blogger).  joell ortiz got his in, dude’s arms mighta been sore from him trainin to take that shirt off in the summer, but he still managed to rock his set, as usual.  next up, brother ali, soundin’ like an imam speakin’ to his congregation, destroyed his time.  if you’ve never seen him live, you need to, the man is the truth.  if there was a fantasy league for rappers?  top 5 pick, no foolin’.  homey kept it all the way Hip Hop, even bringin’ his childhood friend, dj snuggles off the decks for some classic human beat boxery (no justin).  and then, it was philly freezer time.  the bearded one did his thing, rockin’ old jams and new ones with his usual ease.  though seemingly neck-less, the dude will spit his with no beat for days, like he go straight lung to mouth.  effortless.  free even brought out philly friends jakk frost and youg chris, then rounded out the night with tek, keepin’ it bootcamp.  all in all, a good evening.  even got some’a the old dudes from the office out, shout out to the biggest gord for all snapshots.


~ by col.rice on February 17, 2010.

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