kel spencer & dj just dizle present: the spencer code

le champion, french dj extraordinaire, just hooked us up with this:

Kel Spencer & DJ Just Dizle present

“The Spencer Code”

1. Intro
2. Searching ft Regal
3. DJ Premier Freestyle
4. Broken Language ft Flo Blitz
5. Alive
6. Ain’t Heard It From Me ft Code Red
7. Skit 1
8. Get It, Get It
9. Good, Bad, And…
10. It Be That Way
11. You Know
12. The Booth
13. Uggs to Hugs ft Jesse Boykins III
14. Skit 2
15. Dreamboat ft Quana
16. Hal Linton – Murderer ft Kel Spencer
17. Just Wanna Be Heard ft Masta Ace
18. Authentic ft Flo Blitz
19. Mama There Go That Man
20. Skit 3
21. 4 Walls
22. It’s Just Me
23. Right Now ft Papa Justify
24. Grandmaster Flash – Shine All Day ft Q-Tip & Kel Spencer
25. The Building
26. The Definition ft DJ Jazzy Jeff
27. Outro


Hailing from Brooklyn NY, Not only is Kel Spencer dubbed the best rapper you’ve never heard of but he’s also Co-Chairman of his own imprint 3rd Power Music Group. He’s a public speaker and ghostwriter for artists such as Nick Cannon, MC Lyte, Rodney Jerkins, Teddy Riley and Will Smith.Most recently, Kel has a noteworthy track called The Definition on DJ Jazzy Jeff’s buzzing album The Return of The Magnificent, his buzz is crazy in the states right now

DJ Just Dizle aka LE CHAMPION straight out of Paris FRANCE, is one of the most sought after DJ’s hailing out of France.  The self proclaimed outsider rocked the crowd like it was as unground sweat box in his native Paris.  Rocking parties is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Just Dizle’s domination strategy includes spreading his brand across the world to go along with his strength in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, Norway, the UK, Canada and the States. He’s been on BET’s Rap City and also hosts a daily show on AllHipHop Radio.  He’s a gladiator for Hip-Hop that does not believe in taking prisoners…

Download Link:

bk, france, stand up.  we keeps it global, sons.


~ by col.rice on February 12, 2010.

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